PPHIntl review

RDG Corp. has years of experience servicing price per head agents with high-quality websites and one of their pay per head operators excels is PPH INTL. A visit to the PPH INTL website will make you realize that they’re a complete Pay Per Head operator, which is invaluable.

Agents using a bookmaking service run by PPH INTL will get anything they need and more with a single account, including sports betting, horse racing and casino games. Being able to use different gaming options with just one account will be a key selling point for customers.


In my experience, the software is among the most important aspects to consider for Pay Per Head operators. There are too many operators out there, so you need to find one that offers excellent software and features. When using PPH INTL, you’ll realize that it provides many different options by using reliable software that can be found on the top sports betting sites in world. It has a nice look and feel, and most importantly runs very smoothly. Moving on to the business side of things, PPH INTL offers many different reports, including player wagers and their histories, as well as strong tracking of both wins and losses. Credit limits are also covered.


Pay Per Head operators have to project reliability. Agents don’t want to see a bettor have an issue with the website or anything else, which is why PPH INTL becomes a top option in today’s market. PPH INTL is at the top when it comes to consistent high quality performance and you, the customer can trust that if there’s ever any type of issue, it will be handled properly and everything will be up and running instantly. PPH INTL makes sure the sites will be able to deal with a large number of bettors and a large amount of traffic at a time, which is another big selling point for them.


Having all of the wagers and sports betting lines that a customer could possibly want is basic. This is another area where PPH INTL is strong, as they offer a wide variety of sports and bets on all the events you can imagine and more. PPH INTL also provides ways for the customers to request additional lines and such, which is something that many other sites offer and a key reason why they have become a top Pay Per Head provider. These are just some of the aspects that make PPH INTL a great option for bookies. Check out their website to see what they can do for you.

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