Price Per head – Bookmaking Software Review

There are numerous options to choose from in the pay-per-head industry. is one of the biggest PPH software providers in the industry and the owners also have 15+ years of bookmaking experience in an offshore landscape. You can turn your local bookmaking business into a full-fledged online bookmaker in hours with the Bookmaking Software. Even if you don’t have any current clients you can develop your own offshore bookmaker and market it online to potential clients.

Bookmaking Software Features

If you’ve ever operated a bookmaker or seen how one operates you know how tedious it can be to keep track of wagers being placed, how much money is owed, how much money needs to be paid out and that’s not even considering setting lines. It takes a serious commitment to run a sports betting shop, but the process can definitely be made easier using software such as the increasingly popular Bookmaking Software suite.

Bookmaking Software will take care your betting and accounting needs through automation. You can customize the software as you see fit in order to cater to your client base or region. If you decide to use the Bookmaking Software you’ll be able to offer all of your clients the ability to wager on a huge selection of different sports and wager types. Owners also have the ability to pick exactly what sports, wager types and betting limits to offer their entire client base or specific clients.

The entire Bookmaking Software is customizable through a simple interface. Bookmaking Software also provides support to the owners of bookmakers using their software. They’ll help you with the initial integration and they’ll also show you how to use the software suite in the beginning. The cost to use the Bookmaking Software is $10 per head and there are no hidden fees or other commissions that need to be paid like at some of the other PPH software providers in the industry.

You can also start earning more revenue off of your client base with the Bookmaking Software. You?ll be able to offer a better range of odds on sports plus the Bookmaking Software has the capabilities to offer you an online casino and racebook. You get to choose whether or not you want these features and if you decide to use either feature you have full control over every single aspect of the software suite.

Bookmaker owners that lease the Bookmaking Software at $10 per head paid weekly will also be able to utilize the advanced reporting techniques available on the software suite. You can find out what bettors are generating in terms of profits or losses and you can also breakdown the profit/loss on a per sport basis. This will allow you to determine what sports are your most profitable and what sports have been costing you money.

Bookmaking Software Overall Cost & Reputation

Most of the sportsbook software providers in the industry that charge in the $10/head range don?t have many features, but at Bookmaking Software that isn’t the case. The features are endless and you?ll spend hours going through all of the great stats once you?re set-up and rolling with your client base. It?s simple to integrate existing clientele into the software and right now you can even receive two weeks completely free of charge to test out the Bookmaking Software.