Price Per Head – It Makes it Easier For You – and Your Customers

Are you considering moving your sports bookmaking operation over to RDGCorp? If you are, that is great news, because by using the Price Per Head model you are moving into modern times as far as sports betting is concerned. Not only that, you will be way AHEAD of your time as well, because the technology will literally make all “agents,” whether they are large or small, look like a true world-class operation.

So what is holding you back? Perhaps it is some apprehension as to how your customers may feel about it. Well, there are no worries there, because you can tell them – one and all – that placing wagers through your newly-designed Price Per Head operation is so trouble-free they will wonder what took you so long.

You can tell your players that:

— They will be able to place wagers at any time of the day or night, through a sleek, professional interface – every bit as good as what the top online sportsbooks have to offer, simply because it IS the same interface, using the same software.

— If they have any problems at all, they can access a customer service representative and get that issue straightened out.

— They never have to waste time listening to one of your clerks giving them a “rundown” over the phone, because they can literally see everything laid out in front of them.

— They don’t have to concern themselves with any miscommunication, or potential disputes that arise from them, because they will see a record of their wager before they confirm it, not to mention a detail of all their wagering activity at any given time.

— They will have more wagering options than they ever thought were possible, because they can bet on (with your OK, of course) things like golf, tennis, international soccer, auto racing, boxing, MMA and much much more, not to mention any number of exotic wagering options, such as parlays, teasers, pleasers, round robins, reverses and “if” bets. Doing the “one-on-one” over the phone would never make this efficient.

— They will always have access to the sharpest lines available at any time. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to make adjustments to those lines in real time, according to what your action is.

— They won’t have any concerns about confidentiality online, because their identities are completely protected. They are known by a customer number and nothing else.

— They may be able to place phone wagers, if they prefer, through the professional call center you are setting up, in which they can see the lines on the website and bet specifically so as not to waste time. Of course, the same confidentiality applies to these transactions.

— Their relationship with you does not change, as they can still be credit players and do not have to “post up” as is the customary practice in the online sportsbooks from which this software comes.

— If they want variety in their “action,”: they don’t have to look any farther than what you have to offer, because you will have the ability to make many things available to them, including a world-class poker room, casino gaming, and a superb racebook. You are truly going to be a full-service operation for them!

The bottom line here is that this is the ultimate “win-win” proposition, so there is really no reason your customers won’t love you for bringing your business into the modern age. And you will love yourself as well, because you are streamlining your operation, with the ability to truly scale it for the first time.

It is easy to use, and easier to get started. make a call to RDG Corp. today and a member of our customer service team will walk you right through the process. You can literally convert your operation within a few days!