Basic Bookie Software | $7 Price Per Head

RDG Corp provides a basic safe and secure price per head services for agents and bookmakers to run their offshore bookmaking businesses without the cutting the quality of service. Basic package offers all major sports, and betting options needed to be a profitable bookie.

$7 Per Head Basic Betting Solution

4 Weeks FREENo Deposit Required

Anonymous Payment Methods – BitCoin

Why Use RDG Corp Price Per Head Service

Outsourcing the day-to-day operations of your sports betting business to one of the price per head providers, in the RDG Corp family. This will leave you with more time and money to invest in growing your business and increasing your profits.

This includes established bookies, sports betting agents and professional credit bookmakers.
Open a Price Per Head Service Today is easy at RDG Corp

If you are running and operating any kind of PPH bookie service then you should absolutely think of converting your player’s to a RDG Corp PPH solution. What this will do for you is open an online casino, a great racebook and of course a sportsbook. The beauty of a PPH is knowing that you will always be taken care of.

Bookies are thriving and there is one answer, gamblers still gamble.

It matters not if times are hard, the economy, forget about it! Who cares if the economy is bad, good or indifferent? Sports gamblers will always find a way to gamble. They look for the best lines and odds and they shop around to do it. Most sports bettors have at least three online bookies and some have even several more. Nobody is slowing down here. The sports gaming industry is booming and growing every single day. The bookies need your help, they want more players on the open market, why not? The industry is the opposite of how we described it. The economy is very stable and the sportsbook and players alike are both doing well? You too can get in on the action and it matters not if you have a couple of players or if you have 1500 players. FAQ’s: What are the advantages of starting a pay per head business and is it expensive? Absolutely not, it is not expensive and the best thing, people work for you. This may all sound too good to be true and you are asking what is the catch?

Gambling on sports is not always easy, in fact it can be downright difficult. It’s fun and exciting but handicapping the games takes a mountain of time and who has that kind of time? Billions of dollars are spent every single year in pursuit of one thing; beating the bookie. The bookie is the target and it seems that the rich get richer. The say “the house always wins” now we know that can’t be true but some nights it sure seems difficult for the gambler to win. The other piece of evidence that points to the bookies success, where are they going? If they were getting beat every night it seems they would go broke and bookies everywhere would be closing their business. This is nowhere near the case.

Some of the many benefits offered by a RDG price per head service:

– You are your own boss and you will rarely interact with your client. We know that running a bookie service is hard work, having a pay per head makes life easy for you and your client.

– Cost effective, the better pay per head companies usually charge around $10 per head per week.

– You have a turnkey ready sportsbook built for you that included a racebook and full casino with all of today favorite casino games.

– State of the art bookie software that includes a top notch wagering platform that is user friendly for you and the client.

– Top notch customer service that includes a toll free hot line accessible for you and the client.

– A full menu of sporting events and all inclusive wagering menu.

– Bet slip grading. All bets are graded in the system, this is completely non touch by you the bookie.

– Up time, your sportsbook is guaranteed 99% uptime. Your clients can depend on you and what you offer
them at all times. These are a few of the many great benefits offered by RDG Corp price per head solutions . You have nothing to lose by trying it out and seeing for yourself how this service can revolutionize your business and profits. Most services offer a free trial so check it out and start making big profits.