Turnkey Label Solutions Casino

What is a Turnkey Label Solution?
A turnkey label solution is also known as white label solution. In the case of a casino, this would be known as a white label casino. These are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to launch an online casino in a market that is full of new online casinos that are launched all the time. Essentially, a turnkey label solution for a casino is a marketing and software package that allows you to launch an online casino that is customized to your needs and that can be launched and operated with minimal hassle.

How a Turnkey Label Solution Works
The way that the turnkey label solution works is that it provides you with a wide range of services that allows you to customize your casino that will help you to optimize and promote your casino in the best possible way. Among the services that are provided to you are web design and web hosting, site building and ongoing maintenance, layout and navigation optimization, the provision of basic web pages such as ‘about us ‘or’ company info’, payment and processing services, customer service and more. RDG Corp. offers all of these services. You will be required to pay a once-off fee, as well as monthly maintenance fee.

Benefits of Turnkey Label Solutions for Casinos
There are many benefits to making use of a turnkey label solution for casinos. The primary benefit is that RDG Corp. will take care of site building and the day-to-day maintenance of the site, saving you time and money that can better be spent on growing your business. You will then be able to put your efforts into marketing and player retention, thus increasing your profits.

In terms of the features and services that turnkey label solutions offer, you can expect top quality services. In terms of your website, you will be offered a customizable site with layout and navigation options and all of the information and features that you require.

The turnkey label solution will take care of all aspects of payment and processing. They act as an insurance policy, standing behind the payments and processing. This makes your casino a more safe and reliable option for your customers. In addition, they take care of anti-fraud monitoring and security.

Customer service support offers a full and top quality service. Customer support personnel are fully trained to provide a friendly and helpful service to your customers. They will be proficient in all areas of your casino.

Using RDG Corp. for a turnkey label solution makes launching and maintaining an online casino simpler than ever. Saving you time and money that you would otherwise have to spend on the day-to-day upkeep of the casino, will allows you to focus on increasing your profits and growing your business. Founded in 1996, RDG Corp. has plenty of experience in the industry and this knowledge will be passed on to you, giving you a simple and convenient online casino option with minimal hassle and maximum benefits.

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