Turnkey Sportsbook Solutions

Sports fans would once visit a local bookie to place their bets, however, today, the world of sports betting is now moving online. While local bookies still exist, the popularity of online sports betting has boomed in the last decade and more online sportsbooks are launching and more bookies are moving online than ever before. With turnkey label solutions it is now simpler than ever to launch your own online sportsbook and this is fast becoming a popular solution for bookies who are looking to do just that. This could be the solution you are looking for.

Who is RDG Corp?
RDG Corp was founded in 1996 and has become a leading provider of services for online sportsbooks, casinos and racebooks. They provide a safe and secure online sportsbook option with minimal hassle. They offer services that ensure that your business has the maximum opportunity to grow and increase its profits.

What is a Turnkey Label Solution?
A turnkey label solution is also known as a white label solution. It is a software and marketing package that allows you to launch and promote your own online sportsbook that is customized to your needs. The turnkey label solution provides you with a whole range of services that help to optimize your business and improve it. Some of the services provided by a turnkey label solution include web design and web hosting, as well as site building and maintenance. This means that the website will be designed and customized to your needs and branded with your company, plus it will include services such as layout and navigation, as well as providing basic web pages, such as “about us” when necessary. The maintenance of the site will be taken care of by the turnkey label solution, ensuring its reliability and smooth operation. The turnkey label solution will offer payment and processing services to accept wagers and process payouts, providing a safe and secure environment for online transactions. They are an insurance policy as they stand behind the processing and payouts making a safer and more reliable service all-round. Customer service will be offered through a call center with individuals hired and trained in all aspects of online sports betting. All of these areas and more will be provided by the turnkey label solution.

Benefits of Using a Turnkey Label Solution
In order to use a turnkey label solution for your online sportsbook you simply need to pay a once-off fee and a monthly maintenance fee and RDG Corp will take care of the rest. This means that it has never been simpler to launch an online sportsbook. With RDG Corp taking care of the day-to-day operation of your online sportsbook and ensuring its successful operation you will be able to focus on other areas of your business. The time and money that you save with the turnkey label solution setup will mean that you can invest that time and money into player retention and marketing. This in turn will allow you to develop your business and increase your profits.

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