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Outsourcing the day-to-day operations of your sports betting business to one of the three price per head providers, in the RDG Corp family. This will leave you with more time and money to invest in growing your business and increasing your profits.

RDG Corp provides a safe and secure price per head services for agents and bookmakers to run their offshore bookmaking businesses and has grown to become a leading provider of pay per head services. Any size bookie can use price per head services offered by RDG Corp.

This includes established bookies, sports betting agents and professional credit bookmakers.

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When you are looking at the different Pay Per Head operators that are offered by RDG Corp, it’s important to know what sites are really going to offer you a great quality and an excellent all around product. One company that definitely catches my attention for a strong Pay Per Head operator has to be a1pph. There are quite a few benefits to this site, and below we are going to give an in-depth look at the site as a whole.



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247PPH is an industry leader in the pay-per-head industry and is the 1st option we recommend if you’re looking to utilize an online pay-per-head service to propel your bookie business. Being a bookie in today’s world is difficult because every client has different needs. Whether you have a client that works nights and can only bet in the early morning or you have a client that wants to bet on racing when you don’t have racing odds available, there is always a client with needs that need to be met.



Pay Per Head Bookmaking Services | RealBookies .com is a pay-per-head service that offers local bookies an all-in-one solution for operating their business. If you’re a bookie or you’re planning on becoming a bookie you need to use a pay-per-head service to keep your clients. The days of being able to book your clients bets using your mobile phone are now over. Real Bookie provides bookies with a cost effective way to offer their clients the best possible betting experience.