Earn Automatically With 1Vice.ag Points Rewards Program

Earn Automatically With 1Vice.ag Points Rewards Program

The points rewards program at 1Vice sportsbook helps you earn cash.

1Vice.ag Caters To You

Today’s avid sports bettors have come to expect more from online sportsbooks these days. In business since 2016, 1Vice.ag continually exceeds those expectations in a variety of ways.

As an offshore global online sportsbook based in Costa Rica, 1Vice.ag has always catered to online players based in the US market.

Over the last eight years, 1Vice.ag has grown to become a top-rated online sports betting site. That’s for one primary reason. The ownership group behind 1Vice.ag remains committed to making your entire online sports betting experience safe, fun and enjoyable.

Through a variety of promotional bonus offers and value-added incentives. You will find easy ways to boost your betting bankroll on a regular basis. Most online books will make a big splash to attract new sports bettors to their sites.

Placing a high value on continued customer loyalty. 1Vice.ag makes it a point to take care of its regular customers in a number of different ways. With the help of pay per head sportsbook software, your own sportsbook can offer player rewards. The friendly staff at RDG Corp is ready to get you started.

Points Rewards Program at 1Vice.ag

A great example is the 1Vice.ag Rewards Program. As a valued member of this program, you will automatically earn Bonus Points for your online betting activity.

These points can be saved indefinitely with no predetermined expiration date.

Use 1Vice.ag Points Rewards at your leisure
Use 1Vice.ag Points Rewards at your leisure

This way, you can build up your overall balance to take advantage of the program perks that mean the most to you.

You can accumulate points from your points rewards program, then be used in a variety of different ways. At the top of the list would be free-bet plays. These points can also be redeemed for free payouts on any form of account withdrawal request.

The Customer is Priority #1

The payout schedule for free-play bets starts at $25 for 5000 1Vice.ag Bonus Points. This option can be increased to $50 for 10000 Bonus Points. The $50 free-bet bonus is the maximum amount that can be redeemed for any single day.

All free-bet bonus plays are subject to a 10x rollover on the winnings.

Your saved Bonus Points can be redeemed daily through the in-house customer service department at 1Vice.ag. This service is available during normal business hours which extend from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET) every day of the week.

It is easy to earn points as an automatic member of this customer rewards program. Every point earned is credited to your online betting account based on your play. For example, you will receive one Bonus Point per dollar wagered on straight sports bets. This earning rate increases to 1.5 points per dollar for teasers, if-bets and reverses. All parlay bets earn 2-to-1 Bonus Points on a per dollar basis.


Stretch Every Dollar With a Points Rewards Program

Even if you consider yourself to be a casual weekend sports bettor, you can see just how quickly your earned points can add up over the course of time. Since these points do not have a set expiration date, you can save up for the max $50 free play.

You will find a full set of terms and conditions covering your 1Vice.ag Bonus Points Rewards Program in the promotional section of the website. You can also contact customer service with any questions that may arise.

Continual Bonus Points tied to your online play is just one example of how 1Vice.ag rewards customer loyalty. This is one of the few online sportsbooks that offers matching bonus offers on every deposit you make into an online betting account.

There is a monthly gambler’s insurance policy covering 10% of any net loss as well as generous incentive payouts on valid customer referrals.

Gain the Winning Edge With RDG Corp

Gain the Winning Edge With RDG Corp

You need to gain the winning edge in this competitive online gaming industry.

Sports Betting Boom Helped By RDG Corp

The entire sports betting industry is exploding with opportunity these days. The overall marketplace has become extremely crowded with commercial retail and online sportsbooks. More and more independent bookmakers and private bookie agents have operations.

However, there is still a very high level of demand for all of these sports betting services.

Going back to the early days of online sports betting options in the mid-1990’s. RDG Corp began to offer gaming solutions for running and managing a bookmaking business.

RDG has the tools for your success
RDG has the tools for your success

Through pay per head bookie services, white label sportsbook sites and other forms of online gaming options. RDG Corp was able to provide all the necessary means to capitalize on this growth industry.


Gain the Winning Edge With Sportsbook Software

Flash forward almost three decades later. RDG Corp is still helping independent bookies make the most of their time and effort in the industry.

Competing head-to-head against the big commercial sportsbook industry comes with its own unique set of challenges. However, you can still carve out your own piece of sports betting action with the right plan. And the right tools of the job.

RDG Corp has created and developed an impressive portfolio of online sports betting brands. The company offers its own lineup of commercial global sportsbook brands that have each earned their own place in that part of the industry.

The company has also developed a group of successful brands. They offer pay per head bookie solutions for running and managing your own private sports bookmaking operation.

Technology Will Always Help Gain the Winning Edge

The gaming professionals at RDG Corp can also work directly by your side on custom white label solutions. They have ones that meet your business needs. The only limit to your success is your imagination.

Backed by professional gaming software solutions and the proper technology to put things in motion. You will have a cost-effective means for successfully entering the sports betting industry.

Founded in Costa Rica in 1996, it would be tough to find a similar gaming software solutions provider with this level of experience in the industry. It would also be next to impossible to match this level of expertise when it comes to proprietary gaming solutions.

From mobile sports betting to racebooks and casino sites, RDG Corp runs the gambit when it comes to professional online gaming solutions. This one-stop-shop covers all the bases for taking full advantage of this lucrative business opportunity.

Fully Protect Your Financial Interests

By maintaining its corporate base of operations in Costa Rica, you can tap into an operating system that can move your private betting business offshore as well. This is the only way to fully protect your financial interests. While also safeguarding any sensitive data connected with an active online betting base.

You can contract the company’s gaming services directly through their pay per head brands. You can also bet on all the games through RDG’s lineup of top-rated sportsbook brands. Through a no-cost initial consultation, you can also learn how to expand your range of options behind a white label sportsbook brand.

If it has to do with real money gambling online, RDG Corp offers the right gaming products backed by an in-house team of gaming professionals. This is the easiest way to turn your business aspirations into reality.

The first step of the process is to visit RDGCorp.com for a closer look at everything this company has to offer. You can also contact the in-house support team online or through a toll-free number for more information.

RDG Corp Excels in Online Gambling Services

RDG Corp Excels in Online Gambling Services

Online gambling services include Pay Per Head solutions at RDG Corp.

Become an Independent Bookie

Online sports betting is big business these days. On one hand, you have large commercial sportsbooks generating impressive weekly sports betting handles. Another important aspect of this industry is independent bookmaking operations.

Tied to pay per head bookie software providers. An independent bookie agent can run their own operation. All from the safety and protection of an offshore jurisdiction, such as Costa Rica.

At the center of it all is RDG Corp gambling services.

Online Gambling Services With RDG Corp

Also based in Costa Rica, this industry pioneer has been providing online gaming solutions for close to three decades. The ownership group behind RDG offers a wealth of industry experience covering both sports betting and iGaming. They do it through advanced technology and sophisticated online gaming software solutions.

No matter how you decide to shape your online gaming business model. RDG has an impressive suite of gaming products to get your started in the right direction.

Are looking to ramp up your own white label sportsbook online betting platform? Maybe run and manage a private bookmaking service for specific betting clientele? RDG can set you up with everything you need.

No operation is too big or too small to benefit from what RDG has to offer.

Your very own independent sportsbook

With a wide range of sportsbook URL’s and established sports betting brand names. You can start your own independent sportsbook with global reach through a best-in-class online sports betting platform with full mobile betting capabilities.

As part of this business package, you will receive:

  • Easy setup and business support
  • Cashier services and payment processing
  • Risk Management solutions
  • Marketing support

You can also choose to run and manage your own bookie agent business with no minimums on an active customer base along with generous volume discounts for bookies with a large betting base. The pay per head options at RDG include the proper operating structure to manage a network of sub-agents handling multiple private betting bases.

Added features and benefits associated with this sports betting opportunity include:

  • Sportsbook, racebook and casino software solutions
  • Multiple sports leagues and betting markets
  • Live in-game betting capabilities
  • Ongoing in-house customer service support

You decide the path you wish to take in the lucrative sports betting industry. Then RDG Corp will customize a package of gaming software solutions to more than meet your business needs.

RDG Corp will meet all your needs
RDG Corp will meet all your needs

If you’re not getting all this, it’s time to switch to us. It’s time to change pay per head service providers.

Set Financial Goals With Online Gambling Services

Backed by a wealth of industry experience and gaming solutions expertise, you will be able to make the most out of your individual efforts to reach and exceed the financial goals you have set for yourself.

It has never been easier to get in on all the action in the highly lucrative sports betting and iGaming industry.

Today’s sophisticated players are looking for different ways to make the most out of their online gaming activities. Instead of being an account number among the masses at commercial sportsbooks. They are looking for the added level of customer service and personal attention an independent gaming site or private bookie agent can provide.

These same players are also looking for all the bells and whistles that commercial books can offer.

Backed by RDG Corp and the vast experience this company can offer, you can completely level the playing field against the commercial sector of the sports betting and iGaming industry.

Make the Most of the 2021 NFL Postseason with Pay Per Head Bookie Services

Make the Most of the 2021 NFL Postseason with Pay Per Head Bookie Services

As the 2020 NFL regular season draws to a close on the first Sunday of the New Year, many sports bettors are already looking ahead to the fist round of matchups in the playoffs. A new twist to this year’s schedule is two additional Wild Card round games.

The top seed in each conference still earns a first-round bye. However, the rest of the 14-team field will be in action on Saturday, Jan. 8 and Sunday, Jan. 9. The second round of divisional playoff games will take place the following weekend.

The two conference championship games are set for Sunday, Jan. 24. This year’s Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, Feb. 7 in Tampa Bay.

This all adds up to quite a bit of football to kick off 2021. If you are a private bookie running and managing your own bookmaking business, now is the time to sure up your online bookie services provider.

By fully automating your bookie business while also running it online, you will give yourself the best chance of maximizing your efforts while maximizing the net profit brought in. Pay per head bookie services only charge a low weekly fee on your active bettors, so you are only paying for what you use.

The top-rated sites offer a proprietary online sports betting platform that also has advanced mobile betting capabilities to process bets from any handheld device with internet access.

Today’s US sports bettors are looking for the added level of customer service and personal attention a private bookie can provide. However, they are also looking for all the fancy bells and whistles offered by the big commercial online sportsbooks.

With the right pay per head site by your side, you will have access to everything you need to completely level the playing field against the big commercial books.

The best PPH services employ an internal operating system that would rival what the biggest books are using to power their online betting platform.

By signing on with the right pay per head site, you will guarantee your betting customers a safe, secure and reliable online outlet to place all of their bets through your bookie services. These PPH sites offer an in-house customer service team that is available for help 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

It would be impossible to duplicate these products and services on your own in terms of the bottom-line business cost. Most base plans start around $10 a week per active player. Many of the top sites will offer quantity discounts on that price as your active customer base grows. One of the best PPH services in the market today offers its first discount for as few as 30 active players.

Do yourself a favor and perform your own due diligence when it comes to finding a pay per head site that meets all of your business needs. The marketplace has become overcrowded in recent years due to overall demand. This is the type of business decision you will want to get right the first time.

With the entire sports betting industry set for a big year, the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl LV are a great way to get things started on a strong note. With the right PPH bookie services in place, you will be well on your way to reaching and hopefully exceeding this year’s set financial goals.


Is it Time to Change Pay Per Head Bookie Service Providers?

Is it Time to Change Pay Per Head Bookie Service Providers?

One of the best aspects of signing on with any pay per head site is the flexibility this business model offers. To compete in today’s highly competitive sports betting industry, you need the help of a bookie services site to make the most of your efforts.

The right PPH service can enhance those efforts in the form of a higher weekly handle yielding a higher net profit. They have put together a comprehensive bookie services package that provides everything you need to run and manage a highly profitable independent bookmaking operation.

Unfortunately, the wrong pay per head site can do the exact opposite. Unreliable online service, the lack of proper security measures, outdated software products and poor customer service are just a few of the major issues that can drag your bookie business down.

You have an incredible competitive edge over the big commercial online books with the higher level of service you can provide. Today’s sophisticated sports bettors are looking for the benefits a private bookie can offer.

Those same bettors are also looking for professional services void of downtime, unsecure online accounts, obsolete software apps and poor customer response time.

As a bookie, if your business is experiencing any of those issues with your current PPH provider, it is time to make a change.

The overall selection of quality bookie services providers has never been stronger. The best PPH services have risen to the top of the list with clear separation from the competition. By performing your own due diligence, you can find a PPH site that is the perfect fit for your bookie business.

One of the main reasons private bookies stay with an underperforming pay per head site is fear of change. They are afraid that any disruptions will have an adverse impact on their business.

In reality, moving to a new PPH provider has never been easier. The best sites offer dedicated account managers that can literally walk you through the entire process. You can be up and running much more quickly than you may have imagined while never skipping a beat.

Working with a professional bookie services site will make your job all the more easier. Having the peace of mind that the site will not go down is just part of the overall advantage. Having the proper tools to manage your betting board, build your customer base and increase your overall hold percentage are a few more major perks.

Another reason bookies stay with the wrong PPH site is weekly cost. Cheap PPH weekly fees result in cheap service that ultimately costs a bookie more money in the long run.

Avoid getting hung up on the amount of the weekly pay per head fee. Your entire focus should be on the added value you receive from the PPH fees you pay.

The best PPH sites have made major investments in their software solutions package. They have also invested heavily in their in-house staff. You should never underestimate the value of professional business support. You need the backing of a team of experts that know exactly what it takes to run and manage a private bookie business.

Signing on with the right pay per head service is like adding a silent business partner that is committed to your current and future success.

Upgrade Your Customer Service With Pay Per Head

Pay per head bookie services sites are known for providing the necessary sports betting software solutions to run and manage a private bookie business online. While that is a big part of the picture when it comes to pay per head products, there is also the service end of the equation.

When you sign on with a quality pay per head service, you gain access to a comprehensive business system to run and manage your own online book. You still control your betting board as well as your individual customer base. However, your pay per head provider handles the complete operational end of things.

It will process all the daily online transactions in a safe and secure manner. The operational system will provide reliable online service to both yourself as the bookie agent and to your entire customer base. The best way to think of your pay per head service is as a comprehensive business systems package that is designed to run and manage your bookie business online.

As a private bookmaker, one of your biggest edges against the big commercial online sportsbooks you still have to compete against is customer service. You can provide a much higher level of personal attention to each of your customer’s specific needs.

The commercial books are dealing with the masses. You are offering a specialized service that appeals to today’s sophisticated sports bettor looking for that added level of personal attention. The pay per head bookie services site you choose to partner with can have a major impact on this extremely important point of difference.

The top-rated PPH services have gone the extra mile in developing an in-house customer service team that comes from a sports betting background. While you will be working with this group on your business needs, they will also be a point of contact for your betting customers.

Given today’s advanced communication technology, most of this interaction can be conducted through email, text or a one-on-one chat service. However, the best PPH customer service departments still offer a live staff that can be contacted by a toll-free number 24 hours a day.

It remains vital that your betting customers can still put a voice and sometimes a face to the customer service you offer. As the bookie agent, you will always be the primary point of contact. However, you need the peace of mind in knowing that your efforts will always be backed by your pay per head site’s in-house team.

By presenting a united front to customer service, you can increase your edge against competition. Your customers need to be satisfied with your efforts as well as the efforts of your PPH site.

When these two elements work in unison, the results can be extremely positive. Betting customers will look forward to using your bookie services and they will be more than happy to recommend them to someone else.

This is why you still need to perform your due diligence when it comes to finding the right pay per head site. As mentioned, the best bookie services offer an in-house customer service team that is highly trained and highly educated when it comes to the online gambling industry. The right in-house team can add quite a bit of value to your entire bookmaking service.

Advanced Mobile Betting Platform Through Pay Per Head

More and more avid sports bettors are placing their daily and weekly bets through a mobile device with access to the internet. This trend continues to grow in popularity each and every year. If you are a private bookie operating without mobile betting capabilities, you are leaving quite a bit of money on the table.

As a private bookie, you have a huge edge over the commercial sportsbooks in the high level of customer service and personal attention to detail you can provide. However, if you remain behind the times from a technological standpoint, most of that edge quickly disappears.

3 Of The Best Pay Per Head Review Sites This Year

Today’s avid bettors want it all. They want the high level of service with all the bells and whistles attached. Mobile betting ranks extremely high on that list. Fortunately, the top-rated payperhead services provider known as pay per head sites have made the proper investments into their internal operating systems.

The ‘best of the best’ in the pay per head industry would rival even the biggest commercial online sportsbooks when it comes to the internal system powering their online sports betting platforms. As a private bookie, you need to perform your own due diligence to find a quality pay per head service that best meets all of your needs.

Mobile betting apps are also geared towards bookie agents just like yourself. Working with a quality PPH service, you can basically run your entire bookie business on the go. You are no longer tied to a desktop computer or even a laptop. With the right mobile platform in place, you can easily access all the information needed to properly run and manage your bookie business directly from your mobile device.

Best Pay Per Head Rates | Bookie Services | PPH Demo

The technology curse in the sports betting industry has taken more than a few sharp rights in recent years. By working with a progressive bookie services provider, you will always stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to new and innovative ways to operate online.

As more and more sports fans turn into regular sports bettors, there are endless ways to grow and expand your private bookie business. Even with all the added industry competition, it is easy to carve out a piece of the business that more than meets any financial expectations you may have set for yourself.

Basic Bookie Software | $7 Price Per Head

However, do not be so naive to think you can compete on your own. You also need to understand that today’s vast number of pay per head sites are not created equal. This is when a high level of experience and expertise does make a difference.

The sites that have grown up with the online sports betting industry are the same ones helping to shape its future. Most of the other PPH sites are just along for the ride. They continue to use the same software solutions that were basically obsolete a few years back.

The best news is that you can ride this wave of business innovation for one weekly per head fee for each of your active betting customers. The service is high but the actual per head fee has remained extremely low in comparison to what you actually receive.

Mobile betting is a very big part of that PPH equation, so make sure that you are up to speed with your current PPH service. If not, it is definitely time for a change.


Build Your NFL Handle with Pay Per Head Custom Betting Lines

Running and managing a successful bookie business takes hard work and dedication to your craft. You need a high level of control over the daily and weekly action coming in. It is far more profitable to take advantage of opportunities upfront than dealing with issues after the fact.

This is why having the right pay per head site by your side is so important to that success. This is the only logical way to automate the bookmaking process. Specialized software solutions are designed to book bets online. They are also designed to help manage every aspect of a bookie business.

Finding the right pay per head bookie services provider will be one of the biggest business decisions you will ever have to make. Fortunately, there are a few excellent options you can turn to when it comes to finding the PPH service for your bookmaking needs.

One of the biggest benefits of turning to a top-rated price per head site are customized betting lines. Just like the big commercial online bookies, pay per head sites rely on outside bookmaking services for their betting lines. This ensures fast and easy access to a wide variety of betting options.

The best PPH services take the added step of employing in-house sports betting experts. This ensures that all the betting lines are sharp right out of the gate. They will closely monitor the available betting options to prevent any soft odds that might have slipped through the cracks.

Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Your job as a private bookie is to build out your betting board to best meet the specific needs of your entire betting base. You never want to give even one customer a reason to look elsewhere for something that was not on your board.

One of the best perks of being an independent bookmaker is hand picking your betting customers. This gives you the ability to take a customize approach to running and managing your betting board. Your payperhead provider can give you all the tools you need to accomplish this task.

One of the most useful tools is the ability to instantly move a betting line or make changes to your board. By always staying way out in front of the action coming in, you will know when any changes need to be made.

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

You will also have the ability to change credit and betting limits on an account-by-account basis. This is another great way to maintain a high level of control over your entire business.

There are a number of ways to use customized betting lines to build your NFL weekly handle. You can offer reduced juice on certain betting options to move money in a certain direction.

You could boost the return on specific parlay plays to build added betting volume. Expanding your prop bet options is another great way to grow your NFL handle without necessarily expanding your overall betting base.

Scores and Stats : Reviews Of The Best Pay Per Head Software Providers

Increasing the weekly handle for every active bettor is a great way to maximize profit while also adding more value to the per head fees you pay. If you can increase a customer’s handle by $20 a week, you will basically cover the average $10 weekly fee per active head.


Process Payments and Collections More Efficiently With PPH Bookie Services

Process Payments and Collections More Efficiently With PPH Bookie Services

Along with booking the actual sports bets, the most important aspect of a private bookie’s work tasks is to pay out winning bets while collecting the money for losing bets plus the commission or juice charged. The difference between the two figures is known has a bookie’s hold percentage. This is also the gross profit you will have made on that time frame’s sports betting action.

Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Given just how important these two tasks are to you operation’s cash flow and bottom-line profit, it makes all the sense in the world to employ a quality pay per head bookie software provider to aid in the process. For the weekly fee you pay for each of your active betting customers, there are three main ways your PPH service can help.

Individual Online Account Profiles

Once you decide to take your bookie business online with a price per head bookie software service, one of the first things you will want to do is set up individual account profiles for each of your betting customers. These will be the basis for most of the day-to-day activity your pay per head site processes online.

These profiles will also be the basis for the player management reports you can generate to track all of their online betting activity. By fully understanding their betting habits and traits, you can better market your bookie services to your entire customer base.

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Account profiles also give you the opportunity to set any credit and betting limits as a form of control. You may want to tighten the reins a bit for a brand new customer or extend higher limits to your best sports bettors. These can easily be added and adjusted online through your player management tool box.

Pre-settlement Player Reports

Along with a running bet ticker and a player position report, another helpful tool is a pre-settlement player report. These can be generated at anytime to give you a real time update on any player’s current standing. This pertains to how much you owe them or how much they owe you ahead of your normal settlement time frame. Even with credit and betting limits in place, it is helpful to know exactly where you stand with each of your active betting customers.

While this same type of information can be found on a few different types of player management tools, the pre-settlement report can help you properly prepare for when you will actually be settling up.

What is Pay Per Head Bookie Software ?

Most private bookies try to balance out the ledger on a weekly basis to keep cash flowing, so it becomes very important to know where you currently stand heading into the heavier betting weekend.

By knowing each player’s pre-settlement figures, you can quickly identify who is close to maxing out their limits or owed a substantial amount of cash.

Player Settlement Statements

This is a bookie’s final tab for settling up each betting account. These statements list everyone who is owed money for the set period of time and how much they have won. The opposite is true for anyone with a negative balance plus commission.

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

Monday or Tuesday mornings are the usual time frame to run your settlement statements, especially during football season. This is also the time to make any necessary adjustments to individual player accounts ahead of a new week of betting action.

The goal of every private bookie should be to stay well ahead of the curve in what can be a very volatile business environment. Having the right player management tools in place as part of your overall pay per head bookie services software package is crucial to that important initiative.

Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Football is back in business with start of a new season in the college ranks and the NFL. This becomes the busiest time of the year for the entire sports betting industry. By far, the NFL remains the biggest draw for sports bettors all across the country followed by betting action on the college games.

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Even with the recent expansion of legal sports betting in additional states and ramped up efforts to attract US sports bettors by the big commercial online sportsbooks, the private bookie still handles the bulk of the football action coming in.

Finding the Right Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions

The overall sports betting industry brings in billions of dollars in revenue every football season to further enhance the opportunity to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook. The first step to success is finding the right pay per head site to provide a turnkey online sports betting software solutions package.

While there are hundreds of options to take your bookie business online, all pay per head providers are not created equal. Experience and a high level of expertise are two of the most important factors when it comes to finding the right PPH service for your particular business needs.

The top pay per head shops do not take a “one size fits all” approach to online sports betting software solutions. They have the ability to tailor a package that gives you everything needed to handle the operational end of your bookie business. They can also make that software package extremely affordable when it comes to the weekly per head fees you pay for each active betting customer.

Balancing Your Betting Board During Football Season

Once you are up and running online with the right pay per head site, the next step is building a balanced betting board. Football will always be at the top of the list when it comes to weekly revenue. Yet, too heavy of a reliance on football this time of year is not a good thing.

The most successful private bookies have built a diversified sports betting customer cliental that is also looking to supplement their overall betting strategy. Savvy sports bettors know that there is still money to be made betting MLB games. The CFL is a viable football alternative as is the WNBA for basketball. There is always soccer action to be found and individual sports such as motor racing, golf, tennis, boxing and MMA fighting continue to offer weekly betting options.

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

You need to view your bookie business as an independent sportsbook that can compete with the big commercial online books when it comes to your overall betting board. Your PPH service has direct access to the same betting options for more than 80 different sports. They can also set you up with online betting software for horse racing through your own racebook. A further expansion into online casino gambling games is another viable revenue stream.

You may be building some serious bottom-line profit with the football action coming in, but that income will not last forever. Football spans less than half the annual sports betting calendar. No matter how much money you make this football season, it will still be tough to spread that income out over the full 12 months of the year.

Working with a progressive bookie software provider, you currently have all the tools you need to build a bookie operation than can prosper both in the short term and over long haul. Football is the cash cow of the sports betting industry, but do not get caught only picking the low-hanging fruit on the entire sports betting money tree.