RDG Corp Excels in Online Gambling Services

Online gambling services include Pay Per Head solutions at RDG Corp.

Become an Independent Bookie

Online sports betting is big business these days. On one hand, you have large commercial sportsbooks generating impressive weekly sports betting handles. Another important aspect of this industry is independent bookmaking operations.

Tied to pay per head bookie software providers. An independent bookie agent can run their own operation. All from the safety and protection of an offshore jurisdiction, such as Costa Rica.

At the center of it all is RDG Corp gambling services.

Online Gambling Services With RDG Corp

Also based in Costa Rica, this industry pioneer has been providing online gaming solutions for close to three decades. The ownership group behind RDG offers a wealth of industry experience covering both sports betting and iGaming. They do it through advanced technology and sophisticated online gaming software solutions.

No matter how you decide to shape your online gaming business model. RDG has an impressive suite of gaming products to get your started in the right direction.

Are looking to ramp up your own white label sportsbook online betting platform? Maybe run and manage a private bookmaking service for specific betting clientele? RDG can set you up with everything you need.

No operation is too big or too small to benefit from what RDG has to offer.

Your very own independent sportsbook

With a wide range of sportsbook URL’s and established sports betting brand names. You can start your own independent sportsbook with global reach through a best-in-class online sports betting platform with full mobile betting capabilities.

As part of this business package, you will receive:

  • Easy setup and business support
  • Cashier services and payment processing
  • Risk Management solutions
  • Marketing support

You can also choose to run and manage your own bookie agent business with no minimums on an active customer base along with generous volume discounts for bookies with a large betting base. The pay per head options at RDG include the proper operating structure to manage a network of sub-agents handling multiple private betting bases.

Added features and benefits associated with this sports betting opportunity include:

  • Sportsbook, racebook and casino software solutions
  • Multiple sports leagues and betting markets
  • Live in-game betting capabilities
  • Ongoing in-house customer service support

You decide the path you wish to take in the lucrative sports betting industry. Then RDG Corp will customize a package of gaming software solutions to more than meet your business needs.

RDG Corp will meet all your needs
RDG Corp will meet all your needs

If you’re not getting all this, it’s time to switch to us. It’s time to change pay per head service providers.

Set Financial Goals With Online Gambling Services

Backed by a wealth of industry experience and gaming solutions expertise, you will be able to make the most out of your individual efforts to reach and exceed the financial goals you have set for yourself.

It has never been easier to get in on all the action in the highly lucrative sports betting and iGaming industry.

Today’s sophisticated players are looking for different ways to make the most out of their online gaming activities. Instead of being an account number among the masses at commercial sportsbooks. They are looking for the added level of customer service and personal attention an independent gaming site or private bookie agent can provide.

These same players are also looking for all the bells and whistles that commercial books can offer.

Backed by RDG Corp and the vast experience this company can offer, you can completely level the playing field against the commercial sector of the sports betting and iGaming industry.