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The ultimate pay per head software, for any size bookie. Founded in 1996, RDG Corp. has become the leading provider of quality pay per head services that you need to successfully operate your sportsbook, racebook or casino, and to ensure that your business and profits grow.

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How to Use pay per head services?

In order to use the price per head service at RDG Corp, you need to pay a fee for every active customer that you have and are not required to pay for inactive customers. Essentially, you are outsourcing the day-to-day operations of your sportsbook which will leave you with added time and money to invest in growing your business and increasing your profits.

In order to help you run your business and improve your operation, price per head service generates reports with useful information that can be used to further your business. There are a range of reports that can be generated and you can choose the report types that best suit you

Pay per head services

There are many services that are offered by RDG Corp with their price per head operations. The price per head service offers a customizable website with your own domain name. Your website will be set up according to your needs and your customers’ needs and the site will be maintained for you. You will be given control over the aspects of your business that you require control over. All backend management associated with payouts and odds will be taken care of by the price per head service. Risk management is another important aspect of your business that will be taken care of by price per head services. This information is used to minimize any risk to you and to provide your customers with a safe and secure betting environment. Price per head services will recruit and train customer service personnel and will run a telephonic customer service support operation that will provide your customers with all of the assistance they may need. The price per head service will offer your customers a wide range of betting options with a large selection of sports and wager types. These include International events, as well as local events from different countries around the world. The price per head services offer an International flavor to your business. As well as the International events that are offered, multi-lingual support will be available, making your business attractive for customers from all over the world.

Who Can Use RDG per head services

Any bookie in the sportsbook industry can use price per head services offered by RDG Corp. This includes established bookies, sports betting agents and professional credit bookmakers. Price per head services are ideal for any operator that does not want to become bogged down in the day-to-day operations of their website.

RDG Corp was founded in 1996 and has grown to become a leading provider of services that will allow you to operate your own pay per head sportsbook , casino or racebook in the most optimal way. It provides a safe and reliable service, including a wide range of price per head services. Their many years of experience in the online gambling industry, make them a safe and secure option that will help you to grow your business and increase your profits.