Business Solutions For The Sportsbook Industry

A big part of the business continues to provide ongoing business support to independent sportsbooks and private bookmaking agents. RDG is also heavily involved with pay per head bookie services. The company owns and operates several major PPH brands and countless other URLs for sportsbooks and price per head shops.

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    The biggest benefit that RDG can supply is strategic planning.

    RDG Corp. was founded in Costa Rica back in 1996. Through the combination of sports betting expertise and online gambling technical experience, the company quickly grew to become the primary source of software solutions aimed at the private online gaming industry.

    Every small business owner needs to work on their operation as well as in it. Time has a way of swallowing you up to the point where all you are ever doing is working. Many times, this puts strategic planning on the backburner.

    Without an eye to the future, any business will get stuck in present market conditions. A business that stands still too long will eventually start moving backwards. You need a strategic partner that has the ability to provide the proper products and services to move your business forward. It can also act as a resource for an owner’s endgame and a means for their exit strategy.

    From simple pay per head bookie services solutions to complex business systems designed for white label sportsbook applications, no business in the sports betting industry is too small or too big to benefit from RDG’s high level of experience and business expertise.

    RDG as a Silent Business Partner

    When you join forces with RDG for all of your online sports betting software solutions, you are adding a silent business partner with your short-term and long-term success top of mind. This is a company that has come to understand that its overall financial success is closely tied to the bookmaking agents it serves.
    Over the course of the past 24 years, RDG has worked with thousands of small business owners in the online gaming industry. From the local bookie with a handful of private bettors to large independent online sportsbooks with an expansive customer base.

    Individual customized solutions can be tailored directly to your particular business needs. Whether this is in the form of pay per head bookie services or white label software systems, RDG can take your business online and take it to levels of success that you probably only ever dreamed up.

    Brands such as HrWager, 1Vice and Bet33 continue to make their mark in the industry. There are also hundreds of online sportsbook URLs that are up and running or available through a white label application. Whatever the case may be, if you are ready to get serious about working on your business as opposed to working in it, give RDG a call today.

    RDG as a Viable Exit Strategy

    Sometimes a business has run its course. This could be the result of a very successful run that is looking for that final reward. Other times, things did not go as planned. Perhaps the owner is looking to move in a completely different direction. Whatever the situation, RDG can provide the proper exit strategy you are looking for.

    As an industry leader, RDG has the capability and willingness to work with you on the next steps in the process. If you are looking for an outright sale, this company is interested in what you have to offer. If current cash flow issues are holding you down, RDG has the ability to help. Strategic partnerships can come in many shapes and sizes. Finding the right one for your business situation is just a phone call away.