Save money with our odds line manager

You will be able to track multiple lines across leagues with real time updates.

Over Than 3 Million fixtures offered each year

Our team of experienced line managers, combined with our protiatray AI line management software, moves the line fast and accordingly, to give you an edge on your players.

We offer more wagering options than any other Pay Per provider giving your players thousands events to bet on daily, ranging from the most popular major sports like football, basketball, hockey, baseball games, as well as soccer, golf, nascar, tennis, cricket, and all major and minor leagues in europe. If there is something that is not available, you can contact agent support, and if they can find a line will make it available.

Without our software you might have to manage lines in multiple other software or hire many line movers. With this software you will have the complete solution. Our software allows you to manage lots of lines simultaneously on the same screen. One of the most valuable features is that if the feed is sending a line that is unusual the system will hold the publication of the line until it is verified which can potentially save money.
You can manage different leagues with different feeds allowing you to choose which feed is providing better lines for a particular league. The software allows you to schedule games ahead of time so that when the line is live it will be automatically added instead of requiring manual input.
When games are happening it takes valuable time to introduce information into the system. Our system allows the operator to schedule games ahead of time lowering the error rate.