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Going back to RDG’s corporate roots, the company was founded by bookmakers with the stated mission of helping other bookmakers thrive and prosper. The combination of a high level of sports betting expertise blended with a strong background in online gambling software solutions has been the company’s strong suit for the past 24 years.

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    One of the first companies to work with independent bookmakers

    Offshore commercial sportsbooks operating in legal jurisdictions such as certain Caribbean countries and Costa Rica have been careering to the US market for quite some time. Founded in 1996, RDG Corp. was one of the first companies to work with independent bookmakers looking to run their business online.

    The sports betting industry continues to expand at a rapid pace. The US market is booming with more and more states allowing land-based sportsbooks to operate in existing casinos and racetracks. They are also opening the door to online sports betting through those same existing facilities.

    Through advanced bookie software applications offered in a pay per head fashion to actual online sportsbook start-ups, RDG continues to lead the way in this segment of the sports betting industry. If you are looking to take that next step with your bookmaking operation, everything you need is included in a comprehensive package of online gaming solutions.

    The ultimate silent partner

    You can take all the guesswork out of the equation by turning the RDG to move to the next level in what has become a very lucrative business opportunity. While private bookies tend to create, develop and manage their own private group of betting clientele, owning your own independent online pph sportsbook gives you direct access to an unlimited sports betting market.

    Your white label PPH will operate with an advanced software system that is both reliable and secure. It has been built with a high level of redundancy across the entire database to eliminate downtime. This keeps your online book up and running on a continuous basis. The operating system also contains the deepest possible security levels to ensure that every online transaction is processed and completed in a safe and secure manner.

    With the backing of one of the true pioneers and innovators in the online gaming software industry, you can spend the majority of your time focusing on growing and expanding your customer base while also growing and expanding weekly revenue and net profit. Running your own online book with RDG as the ultimate silent partner, you have the flexibility to manage everything from a fixed location or remain up and running on a virtual basis.

    RDG can get you up and running in no time.

    Once you have put your individual business plan together, the expert team at RDG can get you up and running in no time. You can choose from an existing sportsbook URL that is already established as a viable online betting site. You can also choose from a wide variety of available sportsbook URLs and build your business around a specific corporate identity. Either way, you will always have the ability to run and manage your own book your way. RDG is there to add the high level of internal business support that is instrumental in getting things off the ground on a positive note.

    Working with thousands of independent bookmakers over this extended time frame, RDG has developed the most effective business solutions covering every aspect of gaming online.