When it comes to online sports betting software solutions, RDG Corp. basically wrote the book on the subject dating all the way back to 1996. The company has positioned itself as a true online gaming industry pioneer as well as a forward thinking innovator.

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Sportsbook Software

The advent of the internet completely changed the way many industries delivered their services and products. Just as the first offshore sportsbooks started taking action online, RDG was one of the first companies to help private bookmakers take their business online as well.

Quite a bit has changed since the early days but the concept of being a one-stop shop for bookie services has remained the same. The company continues to offer complete turnkey software solutions for independent sportsbooks, racebooks and online casinos. Best of all, this comprehensive online gambling solutions package offers a low-cost way to enter the very lucrative world of professional bookmaking.

These solutions can be adapted and customized to meet the needs of:

  • Independent online sportsbooks
  • Local bookies
  • Sports betting agents
  • Professional credit bookmakers

These solutions are designed to offer system efficiencies in a highly cost-effective application. This creates an online bookmaking operation that is simple and hassle free. It is also the most practical way to run and manage a successful online sportsbook.

One of the main features included in this package is website customization of individual domain names. This includes the initial design phase to complete site maintenance. Backend access to the software covers risk management techniques through the use of real time business analytics. Other site capabilities include customer service support, betting line generation, multiple revenue streams through racebook and casino applications as well as online marketing support.



Pay Per Head Service

Over the past 24 years, RDG Corp has evolved with the entire online gaming industry. The company owns and operates hundreds of sportsbook URLs as well as several prominent pay per head bookie support sites. When it comes to pay per head sportsbook services, plans can be tailored to your specific business needs. The three biggest PPH services are:

  • Real Bookies
  • A1 Price Per Head
  • 247 Per Head

Real Bookies is the company’s flagship brand as the most popular pay per head site with local bookies and bookmaking agents. This top-ranked bookie services site has set the standard for the industry over the past 20 plus years. It has been routinely featured in such prominent media sources such as CNN, Forbes, Sky Sports and Gambling911. Based in Costa Rica as the epicenter of the pay per head industry, Real Bookies adds real value to their per head fees.

A1 Price Per Head bookie services were designed and implemented with ‘ease of use’ as a top priority. The expert team at A1 includes seasoned account managers, professional line setters, cutting edge IT tech support and a highly trained customer service representatives. This elevated level of hands-on business support has made A1 one of the most trusted names in the pay per head industry.

If you are looking for a logical way to take your offshore bookmaking service online, 247 Per Head would be at the name at the top of the list. Working with thousands of agents just like yourself over the past several years, this solutions package continues to stay way ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing business environment. In-house proprietary software solutions will make sure that you also stay away ahead of the curve in what has also become a highly competitive industry in recent years.


RDG Corp was launched in 1996 and is dedicated to providing reliable and top quality services for the offshore gaming industry. Among their services are price per head solutions for bookmakers. RDG Corp uses its many years of experience in the industry to provide a safe and reliable service for bookmakers.

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