Make the Most of the 2021 NFL Postseason with Pay Per Head Bookie Services

Make the Most of the 2021 NFL Postseason with Pay Per Head Bookie Services

As the 2020 NFL regular season draws to a close on the first Sunday of the New Year, many sports bettors are already looking ahead to the fist round of matchups in the playoffs. A new twist to this year’s schedule is two additional Wild Card round games.

The top seed in each conference still earns a first-round bye. However, the rest of the 14-team field will be in action on Saturday, Jan. 8 and Sunday, Jan. 9. The second round of divisional playoff games will take place the following weekend.

The two conference championship games are set for Sunday, Jan. 24. This year’s Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, Feb. 7 in Tampa Bay.

This all adds up to quite a bit of football to kick off 2021. If you are a private bookie running and managing your own bookmaking business, now is the time to sure up your online bookie services provider.

By fully automating your bookie business while also running it online, you will give yourself the best chance of maximizing your efforts while maximizing the net profit brought in. Pay per head bookie services only charge a low weekly fee on your active bettors, so you are only paying for what you use.

The top-rated sites offer a proprietary online sports betting platform that also has advanced mobile betting capabilities to process bets from any handheld device with internet access.

Today’s US sports bettors are looking for the added level of customer service and personal attention a private bookie can provide. However, they are also looking for all the fancy bells and whistles offered by the big commercial online sportsbooks.

With the right pay per head site by your side, you will have access to everything you need to completely level the playing field against the big commercial books.

The best PPH services employ an internal operating system that would rival what the biggest books are using to power their online betting platform.

By signing on with the right pay per head site, you will guarantee your betting customers a safe, secure and reliable online outlet to place all of their bets through your bookie services. These PPH sites offer an in-house customer service team that is available for help 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

It would be impossible to duplicate these products and services on your own in terms of the bottom-line business cost. Most base plans start around $10 a week per active player. Many of the top sites will offer quantity discounts on that price as your active customer base grows. One of the best PPH services in the market today offers its first discount for as few as 30 active players.

Do yourself a favor and perform your own due diligence when it comes to finding a pay per head site that meets all of your business needs. The marketplace has become overcrowded in recent years due to overall demand. This is the type of business decision you will want to get right the first time.

With the entire sports betting industry set for a big year, the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl LV are a great way to get things started on a strong note. With the right PPH bookie services in place, you will be well on your way to reaching and hopefully exceeding this year’s set financial goals.


Is it Time to Change Pay Per Head Bookie Service Providers?

Is it Time to Change Pay Per Head Bookie Service Providers?

One of the best aspects of signing on with any pay per head site is the flexibility this business model offers. To compete in today’s highly competitive sports betting industry, you need the help of a bookie services site to make the most of your efforts.

The right PPH service can enhance those efforts in the form of a higher weekly handle yielding a higher net profit. They have put together a comprehensive bookie services package that provides everything you need to run and manage a highly profitable independent bookmaking operation.

Unfortunately, the wrong pay per head site can do the exact opposite. Unreliable online service, the lack of proper security measures, outdated software products and poor customer service are just a few of the major issues that can drag your bookie business down.

You have an incredible competitive edge over the big commercial online books with the higher level of service you can provide. Today’s sophisticated sports bettors are looking for the benefits a private bookie can offer.

Those same bettors are also looking for professional services void of downtime, unsecure online accounts, obsolete software apps and poor customer response time.

As a bookie, if your business is experiencing any of those issues with your current PPH provider, it is time to make a change.

The overall selection of quality bookie services providers has never been stronger. The best PPH services have risen to the top of the list with clear separation from the competition. By performing your own due diligence, you can find a PPH site that is the perfect fit for your bookie business.

One of the main reasons private bookies stay with an underperforming pay per head site is fear of change. They are afraid that any disruptions will have an adverse impact on their business.

In reality, moving to a new PPH provider has never been easier. The best sites offer dedicated account managers that can literally walk you through the entire process. You can be up and running much more quickly than you may have imagined while never skipping a beat.

Working with a professional bookie services site will make your job all the more easier. Having the peace of mind that the site will not go down is just part of the overall advantage. Having the proper tools to manage your betting board, build your customer base and increase your overall hold percentage are a few more major perks.

Another reason bookies stay with the wrong PPH site is weekly cost. Cheap PPH weekly fees result in cheap service that ultimately costs a bookie more money in the long run.

Avoid getting hung up on the amount of the weekly pay per head fee. Your entire focus should be on the added value you receive from the PPH fees you pay.

The best PPH sites have made major investments in their software solutions package. They have also invested heavily in their in-house staff. You should never underestimate the value of professional business support. You need the backing of a team of experts that know exactly what it takes to run and manage a private bookie business.

Signing on with the right pay per head service is like adding a silent business partner that is committed to your current and future success.

Upgrade Your Customer Service With Pay Per Head

Pay per head bookie services sites are known for providing the necessary sports betting software solutions to run and manage a private bookie business online. While that is a big part of the picture when it comes to pay per head products, there is also the service end of the equation.

When you sign on with a quality pay per head service, you gain access to a comprehensive business system to run and manage your own online book. You still control your betting board as well as your individual customer base. However, your pay per head provider handles the complete operational end of things.

It will process all the daily online transactions in a safe and secure manner. The operational system will provide reliable online service to both yourself as the bookie agent and to your entire customer base. The best way to think of your pay per head service is as a comprehensive business systems package that is designed to run and manage your bookie business online.

As a private bookmaker, one of your biggest edges against the big commercial online sportsbooks you still have to compete against is customer service. You can provide a much higher level of personal attention to each of your customer’s specific needs.

The commercial books are dealing with the masses. You are offering a specialized service that appeals to today’s sophisticated sports bettor looking for that added level of personal attention. The pay per head bookie services site you choose to partner with can have a major impact on this extremely important point of difference.

The top-rated PPH services have gone the extra mile in developing an in-house customer service team that comes from a sports betting background. While you will be working with this group on your business needs, they will also be a point of contact for your betting customers.

Given today’s advanced communication technology, most of this interaction can be conducted through email, text or a one-on-one chat service. However, the best PPH customer service departments still offer a live staff that can be contacted by a toll-free number 24 hours a day.

It remains vital that your betting customers can still put a voice and sometimes a face to the customer service you offer. As the bookie agent, you will always be the primary point of contact. However, you need the peace of mind in knowing that your efforts will always be backed by your pay per head site’s in-house team.

By presenting a united front to customer service, you can increase your edge against competition. Your customers need to be satisfied with your efforts as well as the efforts of your PPH site.

When these two elements work in unison, the results can be extremely positive. Betting customers will look forward to using your bookie services and they will be more than happy to recommend them to someone else.

This is why you still need to perform your due diligence when it comes to finding the right pay per head site. As mentioned, the best bookie services offer an in-house customer service team that is highly trained and highly educated when it comes to the online gambling industry. The right in-house team can add quite a bit of value to your entire bookmaking service.

Promoting NFL Parlays with Pay Per Head

Promoting NFL Parlays with Pay Per Head

Private bookies running and managing an independent sportsbook should always be looking for ways to improve the overall hold percentage on the action coming in. The hold percentage is the difference between the money you have to pay out to winners verse the money you collect from all the losing bets. In a perfect world where the losers would cancel out the winners, you would simply collect the standard 10 percent commission (or juice) on the losing bets as the profit you earn for your efforts. Unfortunately, things do not always work out that way. As long as you can consistently generate a five percent hold percentage on the weekly action you take in, you can turn a solid profit at the end of the day.

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

One of the ways you can enhance your profit as a private bookie is by expanding your business for parlay plays and in particular NFL parlays. Avid sports bettors love parlays as a way to boost their return on investment and bookies absolutely love parlays given the built-in house edge. The standard payout on a two team parlay is 2.6/1, yet the true betting odds for grouping two winning plays together is 3/1.

The more teams grouped together in a parlay, the more the betting odds shift in your favor as the bookie. Some online sportsbooks offer parlay payouts up to 15 teams because they know the actual degree of difficulty of cashing in on any parlay play is much higher than most sports bettors understand it to be. Bettors get caught up in the return. They tend to not focus on the true odds for cashing in on a winning parlay play.

You can work directly with your Pay Per Head online sports betting software provider to create any rules and regulations surrounding parlay bets. It is probably best to follow the standard sports betting rules to remain consistent with the online sportsbooks you have to sometimes compete against. You will probably want to set some tighter betting limits for parlay plays. One of the unique features of most Pay Per Head betting software packages is the ability to set both betting and credit limits on an account by account basis. This provides the ultimate level of control needed to avoid any unwanted negative exposure.

Promoting parlay plays to both your existing betting cliental as well as to prospective customers is easy to do with the help of you’re A1 PPH service. They can be highlighted on your betting board while also being promoted through any of the standard ways you communicate with your sports betting customer base. Since the majority of the bets you book are placed online through a bettor’s individual account, it is easy to put together a comprehensive marketing plan for increasing parlay plays or any other initiative you are looking to use as a way to drive sales for your bookie business.

One of the more creative ways to enhance play on NFL parlays is to tweak the odds bit for specific team groupings. The standard payout on a three-team parlay is 6/1. The bettor can pick any three teams they want. You can sweeten the pot with a 6.5/1 return, but the bettor has to use three specific NFL teams to get the higher return.

Adjusting Bookie Commission Rates with Pay Per Head

For example, you could offer a Florida Special at 6.5/1 for grouping Miami, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville into a three-team parlay play. In this scenario, you take control of the actual parlay which, in turn, should be designed to work in your favor. If Miami is playing New England and Tampa Bay is playing New Orleans, this could be another way to move some action away from the Patriots and/or the Saints as popular betting teams.

Tips for Using Your Pay Per Head Service to Market Your Bookie Business

Tips for Using Your Pay Per Head Service to Market Your Bookie Business

Some private bookies turn to a Pay Per Head service to take their business online. They understand just how important it is to have an online betting outlet for today’s computer-savvy sports betting customer. Too many times, these same bookies fail to tap into everything that the top price head shops offer as part of the low, weekly price per head fees charged for active betting customers.

Finding the Right Bettors for Your Pay Per Head Bookie Business

If you consider yourself a private bookie that wants to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook for long-term financial rewards, then do not make the mistake of leaving money on the table. There are a wealth of business tools at your disposal when it comes to making the most of your partnership with a Pay Per Head site.

The top online sports bookie software solutions providers fully understand the fact that their future financial success is directly tied to yours as a bookmaking agent. They are constantly looking for ways to maximize the value in their software solutions package with added features and benefits that can be used to grow and expand your bookie business.

It starts with fast and easy access through the backend of the software. This allows you to obtain the proper business analytics needed to run and manage the day-to-day operations that go into a business of this nature. You need to constantly stay way out in front of the daily action coming in to avoid any negative exposure that could have an adverse effect on weekly cash flow and bottom-line profits.

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

These daily activity reports along with individual account profiles and other vital information pertaining to your hold percentage are the life blood of your bookie business. However, if you do not have the proper marketing plans in place to grow and expand your overall business, you could actually find yourself moving in the wrong direction as time wears on.

The best thing about being a private bookie is your ability to pick and chose which sports bettors you decide to do business with. Your Price Per Head service can actually help you seek out and find the type of sports betters that best meet your company’s needs. Given the fact that most sports wagering takes place through an internet betting account, you need to make sure that your bookmaking service has a highly professional online presence. If your online sports betting outlet looks like a nickel and dime operation, you are going to attract nickel and dime customers.

With the help of your Pay Per Head service, your goal is to level the playing field with the big online sportsbooks and their million-dollar betting websites. The top price per head shops offer similar software applications through online websites that can mirror what even the biggest online books are using as their operating system.

Market Your Bookie Services to Inactive Players with Pay Per Head

Today’s Pay Per Head agent websites may be equally as complicated in their design, but they are user friendly and easy to navigate for yourself as the operating agent and for your customers placing sports bets online.

One of the biggest advances in online sports betting technology has been the addition of a mobile betting platform for placing bets through any handheld device with an internet connection. Today’s ‘get it done yesterday’ mentality applies to all facets of online applications. Avid sports bettors want fast and easy access to their online betting account as well as the ability to place real-time bets at a moments notice.

If you are working with a quality Price Per Head site that can meet all of these modern needs, you can position your independent sportsbook as a quality online betting site with the added benefit of elevated customer service and personal attention to detail.

Price Per head – Bookmaking Software Review

There are numerous options to choose from in the pay-per-head industry. is one of the biggest PPH software providers in the industry and the owners also have 15+ years of bookmaking experience in an offshore landscape. You can turn your local bookmaking business into a full-fledged online bookmaker in hours with the Bookmaking Software. Even if you don’t have any current clients you can develop your own offshore bookmaker and market it online to potential clients.

Bookmaking Software Features

If you’ve ever operated a bookmaker or seen how one operates you know how tedious it can be to keep track of wagers being placed, how much money is owed, how much money needs to be paid out and that’s not even considering setting lines. It takes a serious commitment to run a sports betting shop, but the process can definitely be made easier using software such as the increasingly popular Bookmaking Software suite.

Bookmaking Software will take care your betting and accounting needs through automation. You can customize the software as you see fit in order to cater to your client base or region. If you decide to use the Bookmaking Software you’ll be able to offer all of your clients the ability to wager on a huge selection of different sports and wager types. Owners also have the ability to pick exactly what sports, wager types and betting limits to offer their entire client base or specific clients.

The entire Bookmaking Software is customizable through a simple interface. Bookmaking Software also provides support to the owners of bookmakers using their software. They’ll help you with the initial integration and they’ll also show you how to use the software suite in the beginning. The cost to use the Bookmaking Software is $10 per head and there are no hidden fees or other commissions that need to be paid like at some of the other PPH software providers in the industry.

You can also start earning more revenue off of your client base with the Bookmaking Software. You?ll be able to offer a better range of odds on sports plus the Bookmaking Software has the capabilities to offer you an online casino and racebook. You get to choose whether or not you want these features and if you decide to use either feature you have full control over every single aspect of the software suite.

Bookmaker owners that lease the Bookmaking Software at $10 per head paid weekly will also be able to utilize the advanced reporting techniques available on the software suite. You can find out what bettors are generating in terms of profits or losses and you can also breakdown the profit/loss on a per sport basis. This will allow you to determine what sports are your most profitable and what sports have been costing you money.

Bookmaking Software Overall Cost & Reputation

Most of the sportsbook software providers in the industry that charge in the $10/head range don?t have many features, but at Bookmaking Software that isn’t the case. The features are endless and you?ll spend hours going through all of the great stats once you?re set-up and rolling with your client base. It?s simple to integrate existing clientele into the software and right now you can even receive two weeks completely free of charge to test out the Bookmaking Software.

Pay Per Head – The Standard Review was launched in 2011 and is already recognized as a leader in the PPH software business. The Standard utilizes a proprietary software suite to help local and aspiring bookmakers launch their business online. You can start your trial today and currently receive two weeks of access to the software at no charge. This will allow local bookmakers a bit of time to launch their web presence, create betting accounts for their existing players and learn the ins and outs of The Standard?s software.

Why You Should Use A PPH Software Suite

The sports betting industry is constantly evolving and new technologies become available all the time. Bettors no longer need to worry about calling a local bookmaker, placing a bet and worrying about collecting winnings / paying debts. Bettors can now bet online from almost anywhere in the world and settle up using Bank Transfer or Person2Person Transfers (Western Union). This is why the local bookmaking business is slowly becoming obsolete and why bookmakers need to evolve with the industry.

Features of The Standard PPH Software Suite

  • Live lines are produced daily by expert handicappers at The Standard. You get to choose what odds and sports your clients get to wager on, but you don?t have to worry about setting your own lines or tracking lines down. The lines move with the industry, so you can be assured that you?re not offering a huge edge that can be exploited.
  • The bettors that you sign-up to your sportsbook will be able to bet on NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NCAAF, NCAAB, Tennis, Golf and plenty of other events. Recently there has been an influx in the live soccer odds, so if you have any bettors in the UK or Europe you?ll be able to allow them to bet on a huge selection of soccer leagues/bets.
  • The Standard provides 24/7 support to every bookmaker that leases the support. The initial set-up is completely free and the support is also available to help you with customizations and any questions you may have. I’ve been pleased with the personalized support up to this point that has been offered at TheStandard.
  • Every bookmaker needs to remain profitable and the only way to do that is through advanced reporting. The owners of The Standard have operated offshore bookmakers for nearly two decades now and they know how important it is to analyze every bit of information that you can. The advanced reports are free of charge and will help bookmakers identify areas where they need to limit action or increase action.

What is the Cost to Lease the Software at The Standard?

You may assume that you need to own a massive software suite to run a bookmaker, but nowadays all you need are clients in order to make it in this business. The Standard only charges $10 per week for each active bettor on your account, but remember that the first two weeks at The Standard are free as a trial period. At $10/head per week your clients don’t need to be big bettors to make this venture profitable. Your clients will bet more once you show them your new site and this will make up for the cost.