RDG Corp – A Leader in Sportsbook and Per Head Industry

RDG Corp – A Leader in Sportsbook and Per Head Industry

Sports gamblers all over the world are gearing up for what looks to be one of the very best football seasons in a long time. If you love football, then now is the time to secure yourself a fantastic, top-tiered online sportsbook. There is no time to wait, The NFL season is a few days a way and the NCAA College Football season is a here now. Don’t delay, get your ducks in a row before the season starts and be prepared to win a lot of money. The RDG Corp is the nations leading provider of sportsbooks and Pay Per Head companies in the gaming business and whether you are a player or a bookie, this company is most definitely your one stop shopping center for fun, entertainment, and Bookie software.

A few friendly gaming pointers to make your football season successful:

  1. Find a handful of online bookmakers that come with a great reputation. The RDG Corp has a big list of providers and any one of their sportsbooks will be more than happy to answer any question that you may have before making a deposit.
  2. Have a solid gambling budget in place. This is a must for any serious gambler that wants to make money. You must manage your money and manage it well. Have a tracking system that allows you to know how much you have spent from week to week and know exactly how much you have won and lost. Know exactly how much that you plan to spend per game, per week and do not go over that amount.
  3. Find a great bonus. This is a must for every serious player. A bonus works in your favor if you work it right. Find a bonus that offers a manageable rollover amount. Play the bonus money first and then play the rollover down on your winnings. This is the best way to finish a rollover quickly and then you are eligible for a payout within 48 hours from the time of request.

The RDG Corp has been in business since 1996 and there is simply not a more trusted name in online gaming. Their family of bookmakers know how to treat clients and they have an outstanding reputation for payouts and easy deposits.

Finding the Right Bettors for Your Pay Per Head Bookie Business

Customer care is job number one with any of the RDG Corp bookmakers, they love American players and they even offer a toll free hot line that’s accessible from the United States. Their friendly agents love talking sports and they know what they are talking about when it comes to wagering.

If you are a sports gambler that takes winning seriously, then you know how important it is to find the most competitive lines and odds. With the RDG Corp, it’s guaranteed that their bookie will offer the sharpest lines at the most competitive prices all season long. If you want to save money in juice, then the RDG Corp is the company to do business with.

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

With sports gambling, not only do you look for the best lines and odds, you also look for the most wagering options. You simply won’t find any other group that offers a larger sports wagering menu along with an enormous offering of sports to wager on. With the ease of use their sportsbooks offer and the best wagering platform in the industry, it’s no wonder that the RDG Corp has taken the online gambling world by storm.

Are you looking to become a bookie? Want to throw your hat in the ring? Then RDG Corp is not only the best way to go, they are the only way to go! This group has been in the Price Per head providing business for more than 20 years and they know how a casino and sportsbook should look and they know how it should be run. All one needs to do, is take a look at any of the RDG Corp sportsbooks and you will see exactly how professional they are, and that organization is a priority.

No matter what you are looking for in the gaming industry, you can rest assured that the RDG Corp has your back and they have you covered. Whether you are looking for a great online bookie to bet on sports or a fantastic casino, or race book, there is no question that the RDG Corps reputation proceeds them. Check out the RDG Corp today and start winning money now!

Finding the Right Bettors for Your Pay Per Head Bookie Business

Finding the Right Bettors for Your Pay Per Head Bookie Business

Running and managing your own independent sportsbook as a private bookie can be both a challenging and rewarding business endeavor. There is some serious money to be made, but you also need the right business tools and outside support to grow and build your business into a long-term profitable venture in a very competitive business environment.

The first step in the process is finding some customers that love to bet on sports. Most private bookies start out small by taking action from family, friends and other social contacts. The bets remain relatively small, so the risk factor in minimized. Once you do have a few steady customers utilizing your bookie services on a regular basis, it is time to get serious about building and growing your business with the help of a Pay Per Head online sports betting software provider.

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

The easiest way to think about Pay Per Head is an automated process to handle the administrative end of the business. The price per head shop charges you a low, weekly fee for each of your active betting customers and in return you receive all the betting software tools you need to take your business online. Even if you are running a book with a handful of customers, it is well worth the per head fee to completely automate your business in today’s high-tech world of online sports betting.

Once you have the right PPH service in place, you will have much more time to work on the sales and marketing end of your bookie business. The first decision you have to make is what kind of bookie business to you want to run. This starts with your betting cliental. Most private bookies like to work with recreational bettors that offer a steady source of action over the course of the entire sports calendar year. Football season is always going to generate the most business, but you also want to build a customer base that can help you maintain cash flow and weekly profits during the slower times of the year.

Working with your Pay Per Head site as a true business partner, you can pick and choose your customers that best meet your business needs. One of the most important business tools in your PPH software package is the ability to create individual account profiles for each of your betting customers. This is where you can set specific credit and betting limits as well as closely monitor all the daily, weekly and monthly action coming in. An individual account profile that is actively managed is the best way for any private bookie to stay well ahead of the curve when it comes to the daily betting action you do take in.

There is some risk and reward running your own book and your job is to minimize that risk while maximizing the reward in the form of the bottom-line profit you take in. Betting sharps come in all shapes and sizes and you do not want to find out the hard way if you happen to add one to your customer base. Personal referrals are always the best way to grow and expand your betting cliental.

With the proper limits in place, you can drastically reduce your risk even when a few of your bettors do go on a winning roll. There are peaks and valleys with any sports bettor, but working with recreational bettors as opposed to betting sharps will help shift your overall hold percentage (or the net profit you take in) in your favor. The best thing about being a private bookie is the ability to pick and choose who you take action from.

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

The growth of the sports betting industry has been dramatic over the past two decades or so. The evolution of the private bookie has probably been even more dramatic given the way sports enthusiasts bet on games these days. Going back to the mid 90’s, the whole concept of the Internet was still rather foreign to most of the sports betting public. A few offshore sportsbooks had emerged to start taking sports bets online, but the local independent bookie was still using the phone and notebook to run their bookmaking business.

Bookies Looking for a Great Pay Per Head for Football

The online sportsbook industry exploded with the advancements in online sports betting technology and this also gave rise to the entire Pay Per Head industry as the ultimate business partner for the private bookie. Each of these industries have basically grown up together, which is actually a very good thing for a private bookie working with a quality Pay Per Head online sports betting software provider.

The top price per head shops in business today have access to the exact same sportsbook software solutions that even the biggest offshore books use to run an operate their million-dollar websites. There may be some proprietary features from one sports betting software package to the next, but the overall software solutions are designed to help you, as a private bookie, successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook.

Private bookies and online sportsbooks have been competing with one another throughout this entire sports betting industry transformation which each party demonstrating a very high level of success. However, you need to also remember that this still remains a highly competitive industry were only the strong (and committed) operations survive.

Private bookies with an eye towards long-term financial success seek out the ‘best of the best’ in the Price Per Head service industry as the smartest and probably only way to completely level the playing field with the online sportsbook industry.

As of this spring, there is a new player in town when it comes to sports betting in the United State. A recent US Supreme Court decision favoring individual state’s rights over the federal government has paved the way for sports betting in certain states within their borders. New Jersey took the lead on the entire situation and this spring it launched its first land-based sportsbook at Monmouth Park race track and at the Borgata Casino Hotel and Resort in Atlantic City. Delaware is offering sport betting action at land-based casinos in Delaware Park and Dover Downs. More recently, MGM Resorts opened up a pair of sportsbooks at two of its casino properties in the state of Mississippi.

There are two ways that a private bookie can few these changing times. The first is to ignore these recent developments and go on with your daily operations. The other is to overestimate its impact on the entire sports betting industry. The best course of action falls somewhere in the middle.

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Most people would agree that Las Vegas is and probably will always be the gambling (and sports betting) capital of the world. Nevada was the only state where sports betting was deemed to be legal when the US Government first stuck its nose into this whole matter. You can rest assured that the local bookie business in this state has continued to thrive over all that time.

If you are a private bookie working in New Jersey, you are going to feel the pressure from these changes a bit more than a bookie operating in the state of California. You still have to keep in mind that sportsbooks in Nevada account for a very small percentage of the money that is bet on sports in the United States. The online books do rather well, but the majority of the money bet still goes through private bookies. Doing the right things now as an independent sports bookmaker working with the right Pay Per Head service will continue to pay huge dividends in the short term as well as down the road.