Bookies Looking for a Great Pay Per Head for Football

The NFL Season is right on top of us, if you are a bookie and remembers the overwhelming moments of the 2017/2018 season, then it might be time to start thinking seriously about switching your clients to a Pay Per Head operation. Whether you have a handful of clients or more than 1, 000, a PPH is the way to go and we can tell you why.

Now keep this in mind; Pay Per Head services are not only for the bookie, they are for the player as well. You are the bookie so what you must do, is cater to your clients. Ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • Is the service that I provide my clients a full gaming experience, have I been able to offer full wagering options and a wide variety of US and international sports alike?
  •  What about odds and line, have I been able to be competitive and do I really know what I am doing, or has it been just a lot of wild guessing?
  • What about tickets, are they had written, or computer generated?
  • What about disputes, is it always a giant hassle or am I able to offer clarity of the house rules along with terms and conditions?
  • What about online gaming, have you been able to offer it?

These are a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself about what it is that you have had to offer. Again, it matters not the size of your client base, you should be offering exactly what a Las Vegas sportsbook offers. Clients will love you for this and there is one, almighty free source of advertisement; word of mouth. You need players talking about you, you need players that are excited to tell other fellow gamblers about what it is that you offer as a bookie. How do you stack up to the other guys?

What you should be looking for in a Pay Per Head service:

  • A free trial: This is a must, if they do not offer a free trial then absolutely do not lay your money down. You must know if you like them before you obligate yourself to them. Find a service that is willing to give you at least two weeks and even a month if possible.
  •  Cost: Remember this, just as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. The Pay Per Head business is no exception. As a general rule the going rate for the services with a great reputation, they start at around $10.00 per head. This is a one time fee of $10, per head, per week, (unlimited sports gambling). The client can make as many sports wagers as they choose, online. Most PPH companies charge an extra nominal fee for telephone wagering.

Find a great pph review site that gives honest and fair reviews of the top Price Per Head site in the business and get on the move for this football season. There is a windfall of money to be made this year. Stop the grind, take the work out of being a bookie and start having fun. Start making big money. NFL bettors are the biggest bettors in the business, so now is the time.