Pay Per Head – The Standard Review was launched in 2011 and is already recognized as a leader in the PPH software business. The Standard utilizes a proprietary software suite to help local and aspiring bookmakers launch their business online. You can start your trial today and currently receive two weeks of access to the software at no charge. This will allow local bookmakers a bit of time to launch their web presence, create betting accounts for their existing players and learn the ins and outs of The Standard?s software.

Why You Should Use A PPH Software Suite

The sports betting industry is constantly evolving and new technologies become available all the time. Bettors no longer need to worry about calling a local bookmaker, placing a bet and worrying about collecting winnings / paying debts. Bettors can now bet online from almost anywhere in the world and settle up using Bank Transfer or Person2Person Transfers (Western Union). This is why the local bookmaking business is slowly becoming obsolete and why bookmakers need to evolve with the industry.

Features of The Standard PPH Software Suite

  • Live lines are produced daily by expert handicappers at The Standard. You get to choose what odds and sports your clients get to wager on, but you don?t have to worry about setting your own lines or tracking lines down. The lines move with the industry, so you can be assured that you?re not offering a huge edge that can be exploited.
  • The bettors that you sign-up to your sportsbook will be able to bet on NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NCAAF, NCAAB, Tennis, Golf and plenty of other events. Recently there has been an influx in the live soccer odds, so if you have any bettors in the UK or Europe you?ll be able to allow them to bet on a huge selection of soccer leagues/bets.
  • The Standard provides 24/7 support to every bookmaker that leases the support. The initial set-up is completely free and the support is also available to help you with customizations and any questions you may have. I’ve been pleased with the personalized support up to this point that has been offered at TheStandard.
  • Every bookmaker needs to remain profitable and the only way to do that is through advanced reporting. The owners of The Standard have operated offshore bookmakers for nearly two decades now and they know how important it is to analyze every bit of information that you can. The advanced reports are free of charge and will help bookmakers identify areas where they need to limit action or increase action.

What is the Cost to Lease the Software at The Standard?

You may assume that you need to own a massive software suite to run a bookmaker, but nowadays all you need are clients in order to make it in this business. The Standard only charges $10 per week for each active bettor on your account, but remember that the first two weeks at The Standard are free as a trial period. At $10/head per week your clients don’t need to be big bettors to make this venture profitable. Your clients will bet more once you show them your new site and this will make up for the cost.

Price Per head – Bookmaking Software Review

There are numerous options to choose from in the pay-per-head industry. is one of the biggest PPH software providers in the industry and the owners also have 15+ years of bookmaking experience in an offshore landscape. You can turn your local bookmaking business into a full-fledged online bookmaker in hours with the Bookmaking Software. Even if you don’t have any current clients you can develop your own offshore bookmaker and market it online to potential clients.

Bookmaking Software Features

If you’ve ever operated a bookmaker or seen how one operates you know how tedious it can be to keep track of wagers being placed, how much money is owed, how much money needs to be paid out and that’s not even considering setting lines. It takes a serious commitment to run a sports betting shop, but the process can definitely be made easier using software such as the increasingly popular Bookmaking Software suite.

Bookmaking Software will take care your betting and accounting needs through automation. You can customize the software as you see fit in order to cater to your client base or region. If you decide to use the Bookmaking Software you’ll be able to offer all of your clients the ability to wager on a huge selection of different sports and wager types. Owners also have the ability to pick exactly what sports, wager types and betting limits to offer their entire client base or specific clients.

The entire Bookmaking Software is customizable through a simple interface. Bookmaking Software also provides support to the owners of bookmakers using their software. They’ll help you with the initial integration and they’ll also show you how to use the software suite in the beginning. The cost to use the Bookmaking Software is $10 per head and there are no hidden fees or other commissions that need to be paid like at some of the other PPH software providers in the industry.

You can also start earning more revenue off of your client base with the Bookmaking Software. You?ll be able to offer a better range of odds on sports plus the Bookmaking Software has the capabilities to offer you an online casino and racebook. You get to choose whether or not you want these features and if you decide to use either feature you have full control over every single aspect of the software suite.

Bookmaker owners that lease the Bookmaking Software at $10 per head paid weekly will also be able to utilize the advanced reporting techniques available on the software suite. You can find out what bettors are generating in terms of profits or losses and you can also breakdown the profit/loss on a per sport basis. This will allow you to determine what sports are your most profitable and what sports have been costing you money.

Bookmaking Software Overall Cost & Reputation

Most of the sportsbook software providers in the industry that charge in the $10/head range don?t have many features, but at Bookmaking Software that isn’t the case. The features are endless and you?ll spend hours going through all of the great stats once you?re set-up and rolling with your client base. It?s simple to integrate existing clientele into the software and right now you can even receive two weeks completely free of charge to test out the Bookmaking Software.

How Price Per Head Reports Can Help your Business?

One of the major benefits of using RDG Corp price per head service is the availability of reports.

The reports that RDG Corp provide, are designed to offer the bookie everything he needs to run a successful business. Part of what you, the bookie needs is an understanding of his how his business is performing and his customers are behaving in terms of betting activity. Reports that are generated by the software provided by our price per head service provide useful information that you can use to improve your business.

Benefits of RDG Corp Pay Per Head Service

There are many benefits to you, as the bookie, of using our price per head service. There are also many benefits to your customers if you use price per head service. This results in a win-win situation & your customers are happy which results in your business growing and customer retention increasing. This in turn gives you more opportunities to grow your business further. One of the major benefits for you as the bookie of using RDG Corp price per head service is the availability of reports.

What Reports Give the Bookie?

The reports that RDG Corp provides are designed to offer the bookie everything he needs to run a successful business. Part of what you, the bookie needs is an understanding of his how his business is performing and his customers are behaving in terms of betting activity. Reports that are generated by the software provided by our price per head service provide useful information that you can use to improve your business. There are different types of reports that are available. You can focus on the reports that list winners and losers over a set period of time, you can focus on reports on what players bet and the line they bet or you can choose from other useful reports. You are able to adjust the data in the reports to view and sort the reports in such a way that the data will be more accessible or more useful to you, as the bookie. Reports also provide information to you on what each customer won or lost so that he can simply and clearly see what he needs to pay or collect to the pay per head service.

How Price per Head Reports Can Help your Business?

The information that is included in reports from our price per head service includes details of each individual customer’s account. The aim of these reports is to help you manage wagering and also to keep on top of the statistics of wins and losses. This has multiple purposes. Firstly, it means that at the end of any given period you will be able to pull a report to see what he needs to pay or collect on each customer depending on his wins or losses. This simplifies the financial aspect of the business and helps you to keep on top of your expenses and income. In addition, by simply and clearly being able to view each customer’s wagering history and wins and losses, you can glean information on what your customers are looking for and what is successful in your business. You can then see this information to develop and grow your business. By having an inside look at your customer’s betting activity, you will be in a position to perform certain tasks to control the bets that are placed. You will be able to provide an enhanced service to your customers which will in turn increase loyalty and customer retention, thus building your business.

To see all of the reports that RDG corp has available. Register today, and try our pay per head service FREE for the next 14 days.