Ramp Up Your Racebook with Belmont Stakes Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Ramp Up Your Racebook with Belmont Stakes Pay Per Head Bookie Software

This Saturday’s Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park in New York may mark the end of this year’s Triple Crown racing season for the top three-year old thoroughbreds, but it actually marks the start of an exciting summer schedule of major graded horse racing action that includes some big money races such as the Stephen Foster Handicap at Churchill Downs later this month followed by the Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park on July 30 and the Pacific Classic at Del Mar in late August.

By working with your Price Per Head site now to build out your betting board for the longest and most grueling event in the Triple Crown series, you can use this year’s Belmont Stakes as a springboard to growing and expanding your online racebook all summer long while adding some much needed bottom-line profit to your independent booking making business just as the sports betting calendar starts to really slow down.

While even non-sports bettors love to get in on some action for horse racing’s most high-profile races including the Kentucky Derby and Preakness stakes as the first two legs in this series, serious horse bettors realize that this is truly the only sport that you can bet on year round. The top price per head bookie software providers in the online sports betting game today can help you take your racebook to a whole new level with fast and easy action to a wide selection of horse racing tracks across North America and onto a global scale if that is what you want to do.

With a daily race card offered at literally dozens of tracks on an ongoing basis, the income potential from running and managing your own racebook should be more than enough to smooth out any rough patches when it comes to maintaining weekly cash flow while still putting some take-home money in your pocket. It will take some added energy and time on your part to grow and expand your overall customer base for horse racing given just how many different betting outlets you are competing against, but once you do establish a solid base of weekly horse betting action it will be well worth the effort.

One of the best things about today’s sophisticated online mobile applications for running and managing your own racebook is that there is no added cost. Just about every one of the top Pay Per Head sites in the online gambling industry today will set up your bookie business to accept online horse racing bets at no extra cost other than the low, weekly price per head fee that you are currently paying for your active betting customers.

This year’s Belmont Stakes offers a different twist for horse bettors since the owners of Always Dreaming, which won the Kentucky Derby and Cloud Computing as the surprise winner of the Preakness Stakes have both opted out of running their horse in this race. This leaves a wide open field of possible winners that could provide a big pay day come Saturday afternoon at Belmont Park.

Now is the time to get the word out to your betting cliental that you are going all out for this Saturday’s Belmont Stakes Racing Festival in Elmont, New York with a full set of betting odds and prop bet opportunities for all the action at Belmont Park. There are some golden opportunities to add even more betting action to the plate with a Daily Double, Big 3 and Big 4 play. Also, with a few three-year old colts making their debut in a Triple Crown event with a run in the featured race of the day, it should be one of the most competitive Belmont Stakes in recent memory.

Business Solutions for Online Betting Sites

Betting on sports, horses and online casino games has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry over the past several years and given the overall popularity with the betting public there is no end in sight to this continued growth.

If you are a bookmaking agent looking to open your own online sportsbook, racebook and casino, a great starting point is RDGCorp.com. Over the past 14 years, we have been able to establish ourselves as industry experts when it comes to sportsbook start-ups as well as continual support through a number of business services geared especially for the online sports betting market.

We can offer the entire package of online gaming solutions that takes all the guesswork out of getting your bookmaking business off the ground. Even if you already have an online presence in the online gaming industry, RDGCorp is committed to helping you take that business to the next level where you can generate positive cash flow and steady profits in both the short team and over the long haul.

Some of the benefits we can bring to the table include gaming software that offers access to the two most popular platforms in the industry today; ASI and DGS. This state-of-the-art software is also designed with a high level of database redundancy that virtually eliminates any costly downtime. It contains multiple layers of internal security that ensures that every online transaction takes place in a safe and secure business environment.

Another important benefit to you as a bookmaking agent is the capability to handle all of your data processing needs. Our operating system employs one of the highest levels of intricacy in the sports and gaming industry today and this translates to a huge cost savings to you when it comes to online sportsbook and casino solutions you need to run the day-to-day administrative side of the business You can always count on RDGCorp to have the proper system upgrades in place to keep your company ahead of the curve.

If you are looking to establish a foothold in an offshore location, we can offer actual office space in our own building. If you prefer to go the route of working in a pure virtual environment from anywhere in the world, we can provide all the external services you would need to get you up and running in no time. We offer access to some of the most advanced technology in the gaming industry today from elaborate phone systems and online network applications to the mobile platform you would need to meet the growing needs of today’s sophisticated players.

The backbone of our company has always been an expertly trained staff that has extensive experience in both the sportsbook industry and the operation of an online casino. You will never have to feel like you are alone out there competing against the big online sportsbooks with a business partner such as RDGCorp. Our company was founded by bookmakers with the sole mission of helping other bookmakers with all of their business needs.

While some of the most successful bookmakers in the industry today started their business from scratch with our business solutions, we can also help you get a quick jump-start on things through a lease or rent agreement with an established sportsbook as well as an outright purchase of any of the several sites we currently have for sale.

Turnkey Label Solutions Sportsbook


The old way of placing wagers on sports was to visit a local bookie. With the advent of online sportsbooks, this is fast being replaced with people placing their bets online. New online sportsbooks are being launched all the time and the technology is improving to make it simpler to launch an online sportsbook. By using turnkey label solutions (also known as white label solutions), you are able to launch an online sportsbook that is customized to your needs with minimal fuss.

RDG Corp. was launched in 1996 and has become a leader in providing safe and secure online sportsbook solutions. To enjoy the benefits of providing a top quality online sportsbook without the hassle, look into the turnkey label solutions of RDG Corp.

How it Works

If you plan to launch an online sportsbook, the turnkey label solution from RDG Corp. may be the perfect solution for you. You will need to pay a once-off fee, plus a monthly maintenance fee and RDG Corp. will take care of most of the hard work. You will end up with a customized website that suits your needs, top quality customer service support, payment processing services and complete privacy and security for your customers. The time and money that you save by using the turnkey label solution will allow you to spend more time and money on the areas of your business that you are best at – player retention and marketing. By doing this, you will be able to grow your business and increase your profits.

Customized Website

The turnkey label solution will offer a customized online sportsbook website that is designed to be suitable to your needs. It will build the site in terms of layout and navigation and will provides additional pages, such as “about us” as per your requirements. The turnkey label solutions include services to maintain the website. This day-to-day service will be covered by the turnkey label solution allowing you to spend the time and money that you save on increasing the profitability of your business.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect of an online sportsbook and this is provided by the turnkey label solution. This includes a call center with individuals trained in customer service support and in sportsbook betting. A turnkey label solution provider such as RDG Corp. is handling the sports betting of every bookie that is doing business with them. Due to this they are up-to-date on all aspects of sports and sports betting and you can expect top quality customer service. Individuals are hired and trained in order to provide the best possible customer service to your customers. Top customer service leads to satisfied customers, which in turn leads to higher retention of customers.

Payment Processing and Security

The turnkey label solution will take care of all aspects of payment processing in terms of accepting bets and processing payouts. They offer anti-fraud monitoring and security measures that will allow your customers to rest assured that their privacy and security is guaranteed when they bet at your online sportsbook.

Turnkey Label Solutions Casino

What is a Turnkey Label Solution?
A turnkey label solution is also known as white label solution. In the case of a casino, this would be known as a white label casino. These are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to launch an online casino in a market that is full of new online casinos that are launched all the time. Essentially, a turnkey label solution for a casino is a marketing and software package that allows you to launch an online casino that is customized to your needs and that can be launched and operated with minimal hassle.

How a Turnkey Label Solution Works
The way that the turnkey label solution works is that it provides you with a wide range of services that allows you to customize your casino that will help you to optimize and promote your casino in the best possible way. Among the services that are provided to you are web design and web hosting, site building and ongoing maintenance, layout and navigation optimization, the provision of basic web pages such as ‘about us ‘or’ company info’, payment and processing services, customer service and more. RDG Corp. offers all of these services. You will be required to pay a once-off fee, as well as monthly maintenance fee.

Benefits of Turnkey Label Solutions for Casinos
There are many benefits to making use of a turnkey label solution for casinos. The primary benefit is that RDG Corp. will take care of site building and the day-to-day maintenance of the site, saving you time and money that can better be spent on growing your business. You will then be able to put your efforts into marketing and player retention, thus increasing your profits.

In terms of the features and services that turnkey label solutions offer, you can expect top quality services. In terms of your website, you will be offered a customizable site with layout and navigation options and all of the information and features that you require.

The turnkey label solution will take care of all aspects of payment and processing. They act as an insurance policy, standing behind the payments and processing. This makes your casino a more safe and reliable option for your customers. In addition, they take care of anti-fraud monitoring and security.

Customer service support offers a full and top quality service. Customer support personnel are fully trained to provide a friendly and helpful service to your customers. They will be proficient in all areas of your casino.

Using RDG Corp. for a turnkey label solution makes launching and maintaining an online casino simpler than ever. Saving you time and money that you would otherwise have to spend on the day-to-day upkeep of the casino, will allows you to focus on increasing your profits and growing your business. Founded in 1996, RDG Corp. has plenty of experience in the industry and this knowledge will be passed on to you, giving you a simple and convenient online casino option with minimal hassle and maximum benefits.

Turnkey Label Solutions Racebook


Horse racing fans once had to visit a local bookie to place bets on their favorite horses. Today, online racebooks are popular options for horse racing fans and the online horse race betting industry has boomed. As an Internet entrepreneur, it is now simpler than ever to launch your own customized online racebook. The answer for you may lie with turnkey label solutions for racebooks.

About RDG Corp.

Launched in 1996, RDG Corp. has grown to become a leading provider of services for online sportsbooks, online casinos, online poker rooms and online racebooks. Their turnkey label solutions for racebooks aim to provide you with services that will help your business grow and increase its profits in the most optimal way.

How the Turnkey Label Solution Works

The turnkey label solution for racebooks offers a simple opportunity for you to launch a customized online racbook. You need to pay a once-off fee, plus a monthly maintenance fee in order to secure the services of RDG Corp. RDG Corp. will then offer you a fully customized website, including maintenance, top quality customer service support, payment processing and ongoing support. The package is priced in such a way as to allow you more time and money to focus on the growth of your business.


Turnkey label solutions for racebooks will build a customized website that suits you and your clients’ needs. It offers layout and navigation options, the provision of additional information pages when required and offers the day-to-day maintenance of the site.

Payments and Processing

The turnkey label solution provides all payment processing services related to racebook betting. They act as an insurance policy to stand behind all payment actions, providing your customers with a safe and reliable option. The turnkey label solution takes care of anti-fraud monitoring and security measures.

Customer Service

The turnkey label solution provides a customer service call center that is manned by staff that has been hired and trained to provide the best possible customer service options. They have been trained in all areas of horse racing and as they provide the horse race betting for every bookie that uses their service they have people whose sole responsibility is to be clued up on every aspect of horse racing. This specialized knowledge will provide an all-rounded customer support service that is ideal for your customers.

Benefits of Using the Turnkey Label Solution for Racebook

There are many benefits to using the turnkey label solutions for racebooks. Firstly, you will be able to launch an online racebook with minimal hassle. You will be provided with a quality website that is customized to your needs and those of your customers. You will not have to worry about the day-to-day maintenance of your website which will save you time and money that can be put to better use. The primary advantage is that all of this will give you the opportunity to focus on growing your business and increasing your profits. Finally, the process is offered with minimal hassle on your part, making it a simple solution.

The Key with PPH – You Are the One in Control

How familiar are you with the term “Price Per Head”? Well, you would be well-advised to get familiar with it in a hurry, if you really want to be on the cutting edge of sports betting as we move through 2014 and into 2015. There is simply no other way to go if you want to be productive as a sports “agent,” both now and in the future.

Of course, OUR version of a sports agent is a little different than the sports agents you may read about in the newspaper. But then, you probably knew about that already. With our help, you can be in business handling clients almost immediately. We’ll show you how.

And if you are using the old model, where you have to employ people in an “office,” you are way, way behind. We’d like to introduce you to the best way for you to move ahead with the bookmaking business, which will, at the same time, out all the details right at your fingertips.

What happens when you use the Price Per Head, or PPH model is that you are in a unique position to have complete control over your operation. What do we mean by that? Well, it means that you have full management capability over your customers with regard to all aspects of your relationship, including the wagering limits you wish to impose upon them and the products they can access.

RDG Corp. is relatively unique among PPH services in that you can choose a plan to suit your audience. So if you want to just offer them sports only, you can. If you want to let them bet horses as well, or the casino, you can do that too. We can tailor a program to your needs.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of ways for you to make some money. And through the technology that is available through the RDG Corp. software, you can keep track of how everyone is doing in real-time. You also have flexibility in terms of what is actually offered within the sportsbook. For instance, even though customers would normally log on and be exposed not just to football lines, but the entire menu that includes international soccer, hockey, boxing, etc., you can control that. If you want the action to be limited to football and baseball, you can do it. And you can have the capability of changing the odds according to your level of action. After all, you are the one settling up with clients at the end of the day.

One of the great things about Price Per Head at RDG Corp. is the fact that it is so cost-efficient. You only pay for the people who make use of the software (placing wagers) on a per-person (i.e., “per-head”) basis. So there are huge leasing fees, and no worries about paying for updates to the software to keep up with the technology. You will remain state-of-the-art throughout your tenure with us.

This is not a long, drawn-out process. You can get started right away. So contact RDG Corp. now and don’t waste a minute this football season. Your customers will love you for it.

Price Per Head – It Makes it Easier For You – and Your Customers

Are you considering moving your sports bookmaking operation over to RDGCorp? If you are, that is great news, because by using the Price Per Head model you are moving into modern times as far as sports betting is concerned. Not only that, you will be way AHEAD of your time as well, because the technology will literally make all “agents,” whether they are large or small, look like a true world-class operation.

So what is holding you back? Perhaps it is some apprehension as to how your customers may feel about it. Well, there are no worries there, because you can tell them – one and all – that placing wagers through your newly-designed Price Per Head operation is so trouble-free they will wonder what took you so long.

You can tell your players that:

— They will be able to place wagers at any time of the day or night, through a sleek, professional interface – every bit as good as what the top online sportsbooks have to offer, simply because it IS the same interface, using the same software.

— If they have any problems at all, they can access a customer service representative and get that issue straightened out.

— They never have to waste time listening to one of your clerks giving them a “rundown” over the phone, because they can literally see everything laid out in front of them.

— They don’t have to concern themselves with any miscommunication, or potential disputes that arise from them, because they will see a record of their wager before they confirm it, not to mention a detail of all their wagering activity at any given time.

— They will have more wagering options than they ever thought were possible, because they can bet on (with your OK, of course) things like golf, tennis, international soccer, auto racing, boxing, MMA and much much more, not to mention any number of exotic wagering options, such as parlays, teasers, pleasers, round robins, reverses and “if” bets. Doing the “one-on-one” over the phone would never make this efficient.

— They will always have access to the sharpest lines available at any time. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to make adjustments to those lines in real time, according to what your action is.

— They won’t have any concerns about confidentiality online, because their identities are completely protected. They are known by a customer number and nothing else.

— They may be able to place phone wagers, if they prefer, through the professional call center you are setting up, in which they can see the lines on the website and bet specifically so as not to waste time. Of course, the same confidentiality applies to these transactions.

— Their relationship with you does not change, as they can still be credit players and do not have to “post up” as is the customary practice in the online sportsbooks from which this software comes.

— If they want variety in their “action,”: they don’t have to look any farther than what you have to offer, because you will have the ability to make many things available to them, including a world-class poker room, casino gaming, and a superb racebook. You are truly going to be a full-service operation for them!

The bottom line here is that this is the ultimate “win-win” proposition, so there is really no reason your customers won’t love you for bringing your business into the modern age. And you will love yourself as well, because you are streamlining your operation, with the ability to truly scale it for the first time.

It is easy to use, and easier to get started. make a call to RDG Corp. today and a member of our customer service team will walk you right through the process. You can literally convert your operation within a few days!

College Football Week 1 Odds Released at America’s Bookie

College football fans have to wait almost a month before the start of the season, but they can start betting on the outcome of the games for Week 1, as America’s Bookie has already posted the odds for those contests.

There are a couple of interesting games on August 28, with the most important one being Texas A&M visiting South Carolina. How will Texas A&M fare without Johnny Manziel? That’s a big question mark for the Aggies and the loss of wide receiver Mike Evans will also hurt them. Boise State hosting Mississippi is another game that promises to be fun to watch.

Auburn, Florida State, Alabama and Ohio State are among the teams in action on August 30. Teams like Alabama, Georgia and Clemson have new quarterbacks, while Florida State and UCLA return quality starters. Still, some of the underdogs can pull off an upset, including Arkansas, Clemson, West Virginia and Oklahoma State.

On Monday September 1, the Louisville Cardinals will have their first game without Teddy Bridgewater. The Miami Hurricanes on the other hand will have revenge on their minds, as Louisville beat them 36-9 in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

Don’t forget that you can earn rewards with every wager made at www.americasbookie.com and redeem them for FREE PLAYS, FREE PAYOUTS and much more.

Below are the college football odds for Week 1 at America’s Bookie.

Thursday, August 28

Texas A&M +11
South Carolina

Wake Forest -4

Tulane +4

Mississippi -10
Boise State

Temple +16½

Rutgers +9½
Washington State

Friday, August 29

BYU -17

Bowling Green -7
Western Kentucky

Colorado State +3

Texas-San Antonio +12½

UNLV +24

Saturday, August 30

Penn State PK
Central Florida PK

Ohio State -17

UCLA -23

Appalachian State +34½

Troy PK

California +12

Georgia Southern +23
North Carolina State

Florida Atlantic +23½

Boston College -14½

Marshall -24
Miami (Ohio)

Rice +24
Notre Dame

Alabama -26½
West Virginia

Arkansas +21½

Clemson +8

Ohio +3
Kent State

Louisiana Tech +38

Western Michigan +12½

Idaho +34½

Fresno State +22

Southern Mississippi +29
Mississippi State

Florida State -17½
Oklahoma State

North Texas +24½

UTEP +7½
New Mexico

LSU -4½

Sunday, August 31

Utah State +6½

SMU +31½

Monday, September 1

Miami +2½

America’s Bookie innovates with New Points Program

America’s Bookie recently announced a new points program that will reward players for all their betting action. You will receive points with all wagers placed at America’s Bookie and those points will be accumulated until you decide what you want to do with them.

The sportsbook offers several options by which you will be able to enjoy all the points you have accumulated.

– Exchange them for free plays
– Trade them in America’s Bookie merchandise
– Get free payouts
– Participate in their pools

All players are automatically enrolled in the America’s Bookie points program, so all you need to do is wager and start earning points.

The flexibility of this points program will make you be in full control of your rewards, you don’t have shady practices like expiration dates, or any type of limitation that will stop you from enjoying the points you have earned.

Points can only be earned in the sportsbook.

Points per play

Type of play                               Points

Straight                                            One point
Parlays                                             Two Points (2-15) teams
Teasers                                             One and a half points
If bets                                               One and a half points
Reverse bets                                  One and a half points

In this points program the only limitation is yourself, the more you wager the more points you earn, which means more rewards going your way.

Start earning points today, open an account and make your first deposit!

Note: Moneyline wagers on NFL, NBA, NCAA Football and Basketball and Live Wagering will NOT be awarded BetPoints. Wagers on soccer, 3-way hockey lines, tennis, golf, NASCAR, boxing, MMA, handball, volleyball, cricket, international basketball, international baseball, props, and futures, will be awarded ½ BetPoint per unit currency wager.

Go to www.americasbookie.com for more information about this rewards program.

Super Bowl XLIX Odds – Broncos and Seahawks are favorites

America’s Bookie already has Super Bowl XLIX betting odds for all 32 NFL teams, and the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are at the top of the list.

In recent years the reigning Super Bowl champion has opened as the odds-on favorite to repeat, despite the fact that it has been almost 10 years since the Patriots repeated as champions in Super Bowl XXXIX.

The Seahawks are at +550 to repeat, even though they will have to fight with the talented 49ers (+750) just to win the NFC West. The winner of this division will most likely be one of the top seeds in the conference, and we know that home field advantage is very important in the playoffs.

The favorites to win Super Bowl XLIX are the Broncos at +500 despite suffering a devastating loss at Super XLVIII. That game has been on their minds for months and only time will tell if it will motivate them for another AFC title run. The last team that returned to a Super Bowl after losing one was the Buffalo Bills, who appeared in three straight Super Bowls from 1991 to 1993 after losing in 1990.

The fourth-favorites to win the Lombardi Trophy are the Patriots at +850. Bill Belichick will be on the sidelines and Tom Brady will be under center once again, so you just can’t count them out.

The Packers have been listed at +1150 to win the Super Bowl for the first time since defeating the Steelers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV. If Aaron Rodgers healthy they will have a great chance to win the NFC North and make a Super Bowl run.

Below are the complete odds to win Super Bowl XLIX at America’s Bookie:

Arizona Cardinals +4500

Atlanta Falcons    +4700

Baltimore Ravens +3500

Buffalo Bills +6500

Carolina Panthers +3500

Chicago Bears +2000

Cincinnati Bengals +2700

Cleveland Browns +6500

Dallas Cowboys +4300

Detroit Lions +3300

Denver Broncos +500

Green Bay Packers +1150

Houston Texans +5500

Indianapolis Colts +2050

Jacksonville Jaguars +20000

Kansas City Chiefs +4500

Miami Dolphins +5500

Minnesota Vikings +10000

New England Patriots +850

New Orleans Saints +1550

New York Giants +4000

New York Jets +6000

Oakland Raiders +12500

Philadelphia Eagles +2500

Pittsburgh Steelers +2700

San Diego Chargers +4500

San Francisco 49ers +750

Seattle Seahawks +550

St. Louis Rams +4500

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6500

Tennessee Titans +8000

Washington Redskins +4500