Why Use Pay Per Head Bookie Software?

Why Use Pay Per Head Bookie Software?

The sports betting industry across the United States and around the world has been evolving over the past few decades. Major advances in technology and online software applications have moved the bulk of the betting revenue generated onto the internet as opposed to a land-based sports betting venue.

Offshore sportsbooks operating in legal jurisdictions in the Caribbean and Central America have been able to cater their marketing efforts to a vastly underserved US market. Recent changes in the law have opened the door to individual states opening land-based sportsbooks as part of their casinos and horse and dog betting tracks, but betting sports online still accounts for most of the handle that the US industry takes in.

What is Pay Per Head Bookie Software ?

One facet of sports betting that not only continues to survive, but thrive is the private bookie running and managing an independent sportsbook. In light of the US legal issues running a private book, the Pay Per Head online bookie software industry was born. Just like the offshore books, price per head shops operating in legal jurisdictions began to offer online betting software solutions for private bookies looking to do business on the internet.

Packaged as a highly affordable turnkey business solution, private bookies simply pay a low weekly fee for every active betting customer. This extremely low-cost barrier to entry has helped launch thousands of private books over the years.

Running Your Book with Pay Per Head

There may still be a few dinosaurs out there trying to run a book on their own. It is not impossible to do with a very limited sports betting cliental, but it remains an outdated and highly inefficient way to run a bookie business. Since it would be extremely cost prohibitive to try and duplicate a pay per head sports betting software solutions package on your own, the pay per head business model is the only logical way to run and manage an independent sportsbook in today’s marketplace.

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Sophisticated sports bettors want the convenience of online betting through a mobile betting platform. They also want an online betting account that can summarize and quantify their overall sports betting action. They want fast and easy access to a wide array of betting options and they also want an automated approach to process all the transactions that go into betting on sports.

Most of all, today’s modern sports bettor is looking for a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big commercial online sportsbooks simply cannot provide. That is the main reason why the bulk of the betting action in the US is still handled by a private bookmaker.

Real Bookies – $10 per head or Less, complete bookie solution

If you are serious about running your own private bookmaking business, the first step in the process (besides lining up a few customers) is taking that business online with a quality pay per head site.

The list of available pay per head services is long and continually growing, but they are not all created equal. You have to avoid the temptation of shopping for a pay per head provider on price alone. You first need to have a thorough understanding of everything that is included in that weekly price per head fee.

Bait and switch tactics are a part of any industry and, in reality, you do get what you pay for. A basic pay per head package might get the job done with your current betting base, but the real reason you need to employ a quality PPH service is for the long-term growth and stability every independent business owner needs to meet their overall financial goals.

Your ideal price per head provider should be that silent business partner that handles the operational end of things in a highly efficient manner. This creates to opportunity to spend the bulk of your time on the sales and marketing side of the equation.

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