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We did a thorough review of is a pay-per-head service that offers local bookies an all-in-one solution for operating their business. If you’re a bookie or you’re planning on becoming a bookie you need to use a pay-per-head service to keep your clients. The days of being able to book your clients bets using your mobile phone are now over. Real Bookie provides bookies with a cost effective way to offer their clients the best possible betting experience. By using the RealBookie pay-per-head service you’ll also save a lot of time and money.

When you sign-up with Real Bookie you pay a flat fee per client, but you open up a ton of opportunities. As soon as you join the crew at will create you your own website where you can send your clients. They need to sign-up to be able to see the live odds and be able to place bets. Real Bookie also provides agents with the ability to add a racebook and casino on their website. Adding either of these features will increase your revenues and also keep your clients betting on your site rather than betting with another offshore sportsbook.

Real Bookie has live odds available on lots of sports including Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, College Football, College Basketball and many other sports. You can choose what sports you want to allow your clients to be able to bet on and you can even set each client’s limits so that nobody can bet more than they can pay. Real Bookie doesn’t process any payments, so it’s still your job to collect payments from all of your clients on your own.

One of the best features about using Real Bookie is for the agent reports that they provide in real-time. You can view every single detail about your clientele including placed bets, won bets and much more. By using the real-time reports agents will be able to find out where they’re making the most money and where they’re losing money instantly without having to go through the books. By using Real Bookie your clients will be able to place bets 24/7 online and you no longer need to be available to take the bets anymore, which will save you hours of time every single day.

If you don’t provide your clients with an online betting solution you’re eventually going to lose them. Too many bookies have switched to using pay-per-head services and if you want to stay in this business you need to use a site like Real Bookie. One great feature about Real Bookie is that they charge you a flat rate per client, so there are never any surprise costs.

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