Now is the Right Time to Start Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head

Sports betting across the entire industry has been booming for quite some time. Starting with the land-based sportsbooks in Las Vegas and moving to the offshore sportsbooks taking action online, the overall handle for sports betting in the United States alone in a multi-billion-dollar take.

Recent changes to the law in the US regarding sports betting has opened the door to more and more states joining Nevada with land-based and online books. The upside potential for future industry growth remains extremely high as more and more states enter the sports betting market.

Get Off the Sideline and Into the Game with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

What most sports bettors do not realize is just how much of this total market is actually controlled by independent bookmakers working with a Pay Per Head service for all their bookie software needs. Some estimates are as high as 60 percent. Two of the biggest reasons why private bookies still dominate the sports betting industry revolve around enhanced customer service and the ability to offer credit to betting customers.

Today’s sophisticated sports bettors are looking for a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that even the best online sportsbooks simply cannot match. A quality Pay Per Head online sports betting software package levels the competitive playing field against the big online sportsbooks and the added service a private bookie can provide creates that much-needed competitive edge.

RDG Corp – A Leader in Sportsbook and Per Head Industry

As the whole sports betting industry continues to expand and grow, land-based and online betting venues are going to keep pulling out all the stops to attract sports bettors to their services. As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, you have an excellent opportunity to carve out your own niche given the high demand.

The customers are out there. Taking the right approach to marketing your bookie services will allow you to build a cliental that can provide a lucrative return on investment both in the short team as well as over the long haul.

The best thing about signing on with a quality price per head shop is the simple fact that you only pay for what you use. The low, weekly per head fee only applies to active betting customers that will quickly cover that business cost with the action they place.

Successfully Competing as a Private Bookie in Changing Times

Once you sign on with the PPH service that is the best fit for your business needs, you will have the ability to create individual account profiles for each of your customers. Whether you have five or 500, you can maintain a very high level of control through the use of individual betting and credit limits. Since you can pick and choose which bettors to work with, you will always have a certain level of risk management in place.

Your Pay Per Head software package can provide real time business reports covering every aspect of your bookie business. From the daily action coming in to each player’s position at the end of any designated time frame, you will always be able to stay way out in front of things.

Running your own private book still takes dedication and hard work. Just about anyone can make money during football season, but the trick to long-term success in this industry is the ability to generate cash flow and bottom-line profits 52 weeks a year.

If you have been thinking about getting into the sports betting game, the timing has never been more conducive to start your own book. Once you gather up a handful of bettors and lock into a top Pay Per Head service, all the building blocks will be in place for a successful run.