Bookie Software – Pay Per Head and Player Management

Bookie Software – Pay Per Head and Player Management

If you are a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, you already know that you have to stay way out in front of things in a business of this nature. To say that bookmaking can be volatile at times would be an understatement, especially during the times of the year where the daily action coming in is at its highest.

If you are a private bookie that has been successful when it comes to managing your own book, then you already know just how important it is to have the right Pay Per Head online betting software provider by your side. Sports betting has shifted to a completely automated process that relies upon a sophisticated operating system that can easily handle all the daily transactions that take place. There is no way that you can afford to build your own infrastructure to process all this online activity, which is where the price per head shop more than earns the low, weekly fee they charge for each of your active customers.

The main thing to remember as a private bookie is that each and everyone of those betting customers is a valued part of your overall business. The big online sportsbooks make their money on the volume of wagers they take in. You have the luxury of picking and choosing the action you take in. If a certain customer does not fit your business model, you can easily part ways with their business. However, the players that do fit your bookie business are the most important asset you have.

This is where proper player management comes in. Many of the business tools that a quality Pay Per Head site brings to the table are designed with this concept in mind. From individual account profiles to detailed analytics that break down your business with detailed performance reports, you can easily manage things on a player by player basis. Not all sports bettors are alike. Some are very predictable with small wagers on a regular basis. Some are all over the board with random bets at various betting levels. You have the heavy bettors that are action junkies looking to place high-unit bets across the board. You also have some highly sophisticated bettors that are looking for the added attention and higher level of personal customer service that the big books cannot provide.

You goal is to combine all of your sports bettors into one cohesive group that provides weekly cash flow while delivering the profits you need to prosper on your own. This means different betting and credit limits for different bettors. It also means catering to individual betting needs while also having the ability to move your own lines and change your betting board to best meet your business needs.

You cannot take a cookie-cutter approach to running and managing a successful independent sportsbook. With the right PPH service, you can cater to everyone’s needs while collectively managing individual accounts. With these advanced bookie software solutions, you can customize each of your player’s limits, track their action on a bet by bet basis and respond to any issues or concerns with a diversified communication system that will meet everyone’s needs.

Having the right Price Per Head site as a true business partner not only levels the playing field with the big online sportsbooks you sometimes have to compete against, it will put you in position to build and grow your bookie business with sports bettors that fit right into your business plans.

The ‘best of the best’ in the pay per head bookie software industry understand the simple fact that their long-term success is directly tied to yours. Proper player management is a big part of that success for everyone with some skin in the game.